Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yay!! Valentine’s Day! Candy is totally the best part, right? Well, I just got home from selling chocolate bars in the windy, freezing cold with my AHG troop, so I want SUGAR!


Anyway, I’ve got some exciting news! I’m going to be at the American Girl store in DC on February 21st! So if you live in the area, or just happen to be up there, stop in and say hello. More info on this will be posted sometime in the week, like what I’m wearing so you can spot me and what time I’ll be there, etc.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and eat lots of chocolate!

♥ Loren


12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Burrrr!! I know. I was out in the snow doing back handsprings and it was COLD!! Try to take pictures of the ag store. I want to know what it looks like because I might be going soon!! I hope you have a fun time at the ag store! Love your blog!!


  2. :D I just moved so far away from the AG store in DC, before I moved I was only 2 hours away!! I wish I could meet you because, you are so cool! but if you ever happen to be in Bosten and stopping in at the AG store, make sure to tell me! :D I love Izzy’s hair du!


    • I’m not allowed to say where I live, but DC is in driving distance for you, right? Did you say you lived about 30 minutes away? It’s starting to look more likely that I won’t be able to go to the AG store on Saturday (because of the weather), but I might get to go on Sunday, so if you could go to the AG store on that day, that would be so cool to meet you, Morgan!


      • Sorry, I won’t be able to go. It’s snowing like crazy here, but I’m in driving distance to the DC store. Maybe we could do a meetup some other time. I’ll probably be going in April some time. I would love to meet you sometime. :)



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