Sugar Plum Fairy — an AGPS


























I don’t really want to bombard you with photoshoots in the snow with pretty names, but that just might happen =) I had started to take this PS yesterday, but then Molly did a face plant in the snow o.O Snow was covering her whole left eye, and I was freaking out because I thought she might get silver eye! Also, there is more than one word that rhymes with orange . . .

Ahem. Not sure where that came from.

Back to silver eye — it was starting to get dark when I came in with snow-covered Molly, so after I cleaned the snow off her face, I held her up to a lamp to see if her eye was turning silver, and, to my horror, there was SILVER!! So, I was totally freaking out, and I was thinking, Oh no, Molly’s got silver eye! What am I gonna do?! but then I put her other eyes up to the lamp, and that one had a silver gleam in it too, so then I realized that it was just the light reflecting on her eye :P

Does any one know what to do if your doll gets silver eye? It would be really helpful to know, because my dolls go on all sorts of crazy adventures with me, and I bet that one day one of my dolls will fall into some water or something, and then she’ll get silver eye.

And . . . Ella is having auditions for her collab blog! So if you want to be a part of it, the rules for auditioning are *here.*



18 thoughts on “Sugar Plum Fairy — an AGPS

  1. Those picture are so pretty! :)
    Oh, my GOSH! I WOULD DIE!!! My sister’s Addy doll has silver eye (in both eyes) and it looks so sad. I think (this is what I’ve heard) that there’s nothing to do. You’d have to send her to the Doll Hospital :(
    I really don’t understand how Addy got silver eye, though! She’s never gotten wet! Are there other ways for your doll to get it? :(


  2. Molly is so cute! *sigh* If only I hadn’t tangled up my Molly’s hair so much….just kidding, but seriously, her hair looks GORGEOUS! I love it!
    Silver eye…silver eye… I really am not a doll expert, so I don’t know how to fix it at home. But you can send them to the AG doll hospital, even though it is expensive. I guess, if you want to prevent silver eye, you could always bring a towel with you when you are going on wet journeys, to wipe her off quick? Maybe that would work, or you could stay dry all the time, I guess. I’m totally not sure at all of what I’m saying, because i’ve had no experience with it.
    But anyway. That was way more than I meant to type. So, thanks for posting this post because it is so awesome and beautiful, and it brightened my day! Your blog rocks!!


  3. Cute pictures. Love the lighting. ^-^
    I’ve heard if they get wet, you’re supposed to put them face down somewhere so the water can try and drain out. If it gets to an actual silver eye though, I don’t believe anything can be done but to replace the eye. :]


  4. Molly looks very pretty. AG replaces silver eye for free because it’s a product defect. I know because my grandma has gotten it replaced for free for the dolls on our Etsy shop. But I’m glad Molly doesn’t need it. :)


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