Updates :P

 ♫ Updates, updates, we all love updates ♫

Well, sometimes you just need updates, right? OK, let me begin with my updates . . .

Ella (itsadollworldblog) has started a collab blog, The Seven Dolls of Maple Drive! I’m Thursday =)

I’m not going to be at the AG store on Saturday. There is about, oh, a 2% chance that I will be. The weather is NOT cooperating (it says it should snow up to eight inches), so, yeah. But, if the weather happens to change before tomorrow (crossed fingers — being a weatherman is the only job you can get wrong every single day and keep your job. Plus, the weather people always seem to be wrong about snow.), I’ll totally let you know. If I don’t go on Saturday, I’ll probably go on Sunday, instead.

My dolls’ awesome birthday party is tomorrow! Their cake is simple, but I think it’s cute ☺Savannah asks requests demands that you give her presents and birthday wishes.


Ivy is “stoked” to get her cast off tomorrow ;)


Now I just have to clean up this disaster-zone . . . sigh.

— lorën


19 thoughts on “Updates :P

  1. I personally love update posts! I could never get tired of them, haha.
    Tell Ivy congratulations! I’ve been in a ultra-competetive, hard on your body sport as well,
    (Irish dance. When you land on certain jumps, you land on one foot, and scientists have said that 14x your body weight is on that foot right after you land, which makes it difficult to not roll out, which will break it) and broken my feet/ankles/toes 5 times, so I know how excited she must be to get it off.


    • Whoops, I accidentally hit reply after I finished the thought, not the comment.
      Tell Savannah happy birthday and here’s an online gift: <3
      I'm sorry your room is messy. No fun. My sister Claire and I got a new doll (Hearts for Hearts Shola, now Malaila) on Thursday night, and all yesterday our room was a disaster because it was photo story, stop motion, sewing, and general doll stuff central. And then of course we had to clean it all…..


  2. Congrats on making it to the collab blog. I hope your dolls have a great b-day, and give Savannah some personal birthday wishes from me. I like your dollhouse. Hope you get your room cleaned up. And that person chair in the room pic, we have like 3 of them. :)



  3. I love updates:) I don’t know why:) I hope you can go to the store!!
    I totally know how you feel having a messy doll house. Mine is literally clean for two second and then it becomes super messy again because to find some clothes you have to take everything out and then put it back in.


  4. Haha! I know what you feel like about that mess! One time, my WHOLE WALK IN CLOSET WAS BURIED IN ABOUT THREE INCHES OF DOLL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg, it was so hard to clean up! Good luck!


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