A Quick Update

Hello =)

Kelsie and I going to leave for the AG store soon!! So excited!!

Well, I’m bringing Savannah:


That’s what she’s wearing, and that’s what Kelsie’s doll Marie-Grace is wearing. One of my other friends, Issy, is coming too. I bet she’ll bring her Isabelle doll. And Kelly (dollsdomain) can’t come because of the snow.

I can’t post a picture of what I’m wearing, because I’m wearing it! :P But I’m wearing jeggings, boots, a gray and white striped sweater, and a mint Gap sweatshirt.

We’ll get to the AG store at about 1. OK, hope to see some of you there!

What doll do you think I’ll buy?



16 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Hope you have fun! I think you’re probably going to get Savannah’s best friend, Cassidy. The dolls look cute. I hope sometime, you and I will be able to go to the AG store at the same time.



  2. Just read all your recent posts! Have been pretty busy, just closed on our new house, unloaded our storage pods, are remodeling our house, I got the stinkin’ room I didn’t want, etc. So yeah, craziness. And did I mention, lame field trip I really don’t want to go to this afternoon….I’m not going to say I’m shy since I don’t want to speak anything over myself, but I have a quiet personality around this kid’s church. Which isn’t like me. I have not a single good friend – well, OK, one good friend, but she doesn’t go to the field trips. Sigh. So, please pray for me, love your posts, can’t wait to see photos of the AGP trip, and, I think you’re getting Savannah’s BFF Cassie/Cass/iforgetXD :)


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