What’s Up Wednesday ~ February 25


From Ava, americangirldollhouse.wordpress.com.


Hayley‘s doll Julie looks amazing as always ;) The picture makes we want summer . . . and Julie. (Darn it, you did it again, Hayley. Why does your photography always make we want your dolls?)


American Girl Guide is doing a new photostory series (after she finishes Worst Enemy, Best Friend) called Forever Family. You can read more about it on her blog, *here*.

Thanks for the pictures, girls. If you want to send in a picture for next week’s What’s Up Wednesday, go *here* to see the rules.The optional theme for this week is . . .

Sleepover/fighting for a phone.

Yep, have fun with that. And, because tomorrow is Thursday, I’ll be posting on Ella’s collab blog, The Seven Dolls of Maple Drive.

Love ya,



7 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ February 25

  1. You are so funny, Loren! And thanks for the compliment, you are so sweet! This is odd to say because I don’t den know you but how much I do know you can can say that I love ya… Did you get that?


  2. Do you mean, even though we’ve never met in person, by what we know of each other, we can say love ya, like sisterly love? Sorry if that’s confusing, but I feel like we could be really great friends if we ever meet. Oh, and my parents have been discussing a trip to New England!!!


    • Sorry if this is really creepy stalkerish, but I was just looking back at What’s up Wednesday and came across this 😂. And I wanted to say, if you’re ever up here in the New England area we should totally meet!!

      Liked by 1 person

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