Mary-Jane’s Journal — Entry 1

Bonjour/Hola! It’s me, MJ. The title just says Mary-Jane instead of MJ because Loren thought it sounded better with “journal.” Anyway, I’ll post entries from my journal on here sometimes. Here’s the first one . . .


Dear Diary,

I’m Mary-Jane Alina Grace Valdez. It’s a long name, but my papá used to say that it’s normal for Spanish people to have long names. I’ve never really liked the name Mary-Jane, though, so I just go by MJ.

Why I said “used” up there, is because papá never says it anymore — in fact, he doesn’t say anything. Neither does maman. That’s because they’ve . . . passed on. So, yeah, I’m an orphan. I used to live in Paris, France with my Tante (Aunt) Sophie and Oncle (Uncle) Bernard and Cousine (Cousin) Sylvie. But after I became famous for my singing, I left Paris for the States, and usually just went back to Paris in the summer and around the holidays.

I’m on my first-ever world tour now. I’m a celebrity, which sometimes can be a little annoying — fan mobs, that kind of stuff — but other times, it’s a ticket to luxury. I’m staying at Loren’s house until my next show, which is in about a week. She has eight daughters, and they’re all super nice to me. But Saige Copeland sticks to me like glue. I guess I would do the same if I were her, so I’ll cut her some slack. By the end of the week, I bet she’ll be herself.

In case anyone other then me ever reads this, I’ve decided to explain my family a little bit:


My dad was from Houston, Texas, and his grandparents were from Mexico. I’ve never met my dad’s side of the family, because they all moved back to Mexico City before I was born.


I sometimes called my Mom by the French name for mother, but she was really American. Before she married my dad, her last name was Thomas. Her little sister, Sophie, studied abroad in France at a cooking school. She married my Uncle Bernard, who owns a pâtisserie, and stayed in Paris. Aunt Sophie is Sylvie’s step-mom. I now have a little cousin named Lilou, Lily for short. She’s so cute! Mom’s parents live in Bentwick, Massachusetts, and own First Street Family Bakery.

Now, just a little bit about me . . .

I have my dad’s hair and my mom’s eyes. Since my dad was Spanish, and my mom knew French, I learned some of both. I sometimes talk in Spanish when I’m angry or frustrated. I like basketball, violin, and singing. Being a perfectionist, I really want to go back through this entry and edit it like a story. Mainly just because I’m a perfectionist, but  just in case someone else ever reads this, it would be nice, too. But what if they sold it on eBay?! Or to a publisher, and then anyone could read my journal?! I guess I’d better not put anything too secret in here . . .

Au revoir/Adios,

MJ Valdez

So, like I said in my journal, I’m going to try not to write top-secret stuff in there, ’cause then all of you would read it! You’ll never know my secret desires . . .

Anyway, the first chapter/entry in my diary isn’t all that exciting — but you have to know a little about me, right? The next entry will be better, though.



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