Mini Monsters in the Attic


MJ and Savannah were admiring a snowmobile when they heard laughter, followed by a crash, above their heads.


MJ looked up at the ceiling, then said, “You heard that?”


Savannah nodded. She moved a wet rag across the windshield on the snowmobile. “She’s a real beauty,” she said under her breath.


Just then, Saige and Isabelle ran up to them.


When they got to the other girls, Saige asked, “Did you guys hear that?”

MJ nodded, and Savannah continued to wipe dust off the machine.

“We think it came from upstairs,” Izzy told them.


Ana and Mary-Jane left their new-found joy, the snowmobile, and followed Saige and Izzy up the dark stairs to the attic.


When they opened the door and entered the frigid upstairs, they saw to flashes of color whiz by, and then a crash! followed by hysterical giggling.


The quartet of girls hurried over to a barricade of pillows, where the mini doll Rebecca and her Barbie friend, Kelsie, lay dazed.


“Hi-i-i . . .” Rebecca waved at the girls, swaying back and forth. Then she spotted Savannah and snapped out of her dizziness. “You again.” She glared.


“You,” Savannah growled through clenched teeth. (If you don’t remember or haven’t read Mini Dolls VS Savannah, or Mini Rebecca Rubin the First’s Awesome Prank, or whatever it’s called, I suggest you read it *here*. You would not be best friends with a bratty little mini doll after she drew a purple mustache on your face, either.)


“What were you doing?!” Izzy exclaimed, rushing over and helping  Kelsie up while Savannah’s eye twitched in annoyance.


“Just having the most fun EVER!” Rebecca replied, standing up. “C’mon, Kelsie, let’s show ’em!”


The mini dolls gave their little cars a push, jumped on, and zoomed across the floor between Savannah and Saige.


After they failed to convince Rebecca and her sidekick that riding the cars was dangerous, the 18″ girls explored the attic.

“Hey, look at that!” Izzy said, pointing. “It’s the Camp Doll Diaries Bus. (I wonder what it’s doing here). I remember the day we got to camp. You were so upset that you had to share a bunk with me!”


Saige grinned. “Yeah, but now you are, like, my best friend.”


In another part of the attic, MJ had just plopped a navy chef’s hat with polka-dots  on her head. “Ta daa!”


Savannah looked up from a laptop thingy. Giggling, she replied, “Looks great.”


They found a stack of Loren’s old clothes, laughing at each other from under their too-big hat and skirt.


Kelsie had just hurt her foot a little bit, and Rebecca was kissing it noisily, trying to make it better. She wrapped a blanket around her friend, afraid she had gone into shock.


Since the cars weren’t being used at the moment, the big dolls gathered around to look at them.

“Are those Pinewood Derby Cars?” MJ asked.


“Um, duh!” Rebecca shouted at them. “What did you think they were, painted blocks of wood with wheels stuck on?”


MJ rolled her eyes. “Very helpful, Becca.”


When she turned her attention back to the cars, she saw Savannah, with one foot on each, roller skating!

“Hey!” MJ exclaimed, eyes wide.


Startled, Savannah lost her balance and crashed to the floor.

“Ugh,” she moaned.


She sat up on her elbows, and spotted something written on one of the cars — RIPTIDE.

“Riptide?” she muttered, squinting to make sure she’d read it right.


“Riptide?” MJ echoed. “Where?!”


Ana pointed at one of the cars, then fell back on the floor with a grunt.


MJ reached down and grabbed the car with the sword on it. To her surprise, it came off the base!


Isabelle leaned in to look at something engraved on the handle.




“Anaklusmos? Like, Greek for Riptide? You mean this is Percy Jackson’s sword?!”


“Well, it can’t really be Percy Jackson’s sword, because it always returns to his pocket, right?” Savannah stated logically.


“I guess, but it looks so cool,” MJ said, disappointed. Then she perked up and exclaimed, “Let’s see if it can hurt people!”


MJ pointed the sword at Savannah. “Hold still . . .”


“Hey, hey, watch it, lady!” Savannah shouted, taking a step back and tripping over the car that had held the sword.


“Oh, sorry,” MJ apologized. She then pricked her finger on the tip of the sword and yelped.


As MJ sucked on her finger, she watched as Savannah stood on the car that said ‘Riptide’ and skated around the attic. Soon, the four girls were taking turns skateboarding.


 Riptide lay forgotten on the floor, not really collecting dust for the next two hours . . .


Hey guys =) Hope you liked the photostory! It was fun to write.

As I was dressing my dolls for the shoot, I was humming a Minecraft song in my head. With my overactive imagination, I’m constantly getting ideas for new stories. So, yeah, I got an idea for a new photostory series :)


If I do it, it’ll be called “Take Back the Night.” The characters, from left to right, are:

Jade, Cass, Kristina, and Hailey.

I’m not saying that I will do this series. Just making that clear, since I haven’t even finished The BFF Wars. YET!

Okey dokey, I think that sums it up.



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