What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 4


American Girl Guide sent in this photo of her beautiful doll family. I love it!


Hayley‘s photography continues to amaze me! Julie looks so at home in the woods. This picture, and American Girl Guide’s, makes me want spring!!

Anna’s doll Jubilee looks great in this fancy outfit:




Thanks for the pictures!

To send a picture in for next week’s What’s Up Wednesday, follow the directions below:

Send your pictures to me at happyhouseofag@gmail.com, and put “What’s Up Wednesday” as the subject, and make sure to include a caption and your name or nickname.

Please only send a maximum of three pictures.

Resize your pictures to 500 pixels in width.

Don’t send in pictures you have already posted on your blog, unless it is for a meet-up, poster for a new photostory series, or a giveaway you are hosting.

You can leave a link to your blog in your entry.

All pictures must be your own .

Send your pictures in by Tuesday evening. If they do not make it in in time I will post them next week.


The optional theme for next week is . . .


Flowers, green grass, bright colors, anything and everything that reminds you of spring.

There has been snow here since the 21st, and it’s pretty much completely melted now (I’m so glad I got the pictures for part 7 of The BFF Wars yesterday!), so pictures of spring-y stuff will help me believe that warm weather WILL COME!!

Love ya,




16 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 4

  1. Loren you can call me Rebekah:) I’m fine with that.
    I am digging through old pictures trying to find some spring pictures! I would take some outside but it is currently snowing ;p
    – Rebekah


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