What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 11 (or 12) + Acting Out a Story

Hey guys, it’s Tracy here! First off, Loren told me to tell you all that she’s sorry she didn’t post What’s Up Wednesday yesterday — she was out winning first place with three of her friends at an economical market. Loren went with her co-op (the only homeschool group among public schoolers). Her business (General Store of General Needs), which was her, and three friends, Kelsie, Megan, and Isa, won first place for what Loren calls the “Best Business” award. Though we’re not really sure what the award was for, Ivy (who was being a model at the fair for American Girl Doll scarves and purses) did hear the announcer person say something like “Marketing, products, and customer service comes into play.” Anyway, she’s pretty happy because her brother only tied for third place on the same award :)

Here are the pictures we received for What’s Up Wednesday:


Rebekah (American Girl Guide) sent in a picture of her doll Bailey, with a quote from Hal Borland: “No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.”


Hayley (Doll DIYs)’s Emily looks so cute in her glasses!


Thank you lovelies, and if you would like to send in a picture for next week, follow the rules on this page: https://happyhouseofag.wordpress.com/get-featured-whats-up-wednesday/


Loren’s mom tells her that when she’s stuck on her writing, she could act out the story with us! So here is one story we got to act out. Loren says she’s not completely stuck, but I think otherwise.

There are some things in her story that don’t line up with the pictures — there’s no snow on the ground, I don’t have a purple phone, and Savannah and Ivy don’t match the characters descriptions perfectly. I, on the other hand, look just like the girl I’m playing: Hope Harman. Please, darlings, enjoy what there is of the story . . .


We knew who she was by her socks.

Yeah, sure, laugh. “We knew who she was by her socks?” Excuse me while I step outside and soda sprays out of my mouth and I make fun of the lame first sentence.

Ahem. Back to the story.

It was twenty degrees, snow lay on the ground, and she was barefoot.

Hold up! First we say we knew who she was by her socks. Then we say she didn’t have anything on her feet at all. How does that make sense? Because —

Because I’m Batman. Boom.

Now would you please stop interrupting me?

So. The socks. Now, the socks were enchanted. The girl was barefoot, and she seemed to hover a tiny bit off the ground. That’s because the socks were invisible.

Pfft! That’s the lamest enchantment ever. Invisible socks? Useless!

If you keep distracting me, you’ll never hear the story. And this is a story you’ll want to hear.

This isn’t really about me. It’s more about a thirteen year old girl named Magic Safire. Instead of you butting in, screaming about how original a name “Magic” is for someone with enchanted socks, I’m going to stop myself.

Magic Safire isn’t her real name. And my real name isn’t Hope Harman. It’s not safe to tell you the true name of anyone in this book. So if you happen to bump into a thirteen year old girl by the name of Hope Harman, with caramel colored hair and navy blue eyes, she’s definitely not me. Totally just a coincidence.

Man, did I get sidetracked again? I promise I’ll try, really hard, not to interrupt myself again, unless you absolutely need to hear what I have to say at that particular moment. I did not cross my fingers.


“Magic!” I yelled at the girl, powdery snow flying away from my boots as I sprinted after her.


She turned sharply left and skidded into an alley, not showing any signs that she had heard me. But she picked up the pace, so I knew that she had.


Ginger Lindquist, my best friend, dashed ahead of me. “Magic!” She reached out, and when she almost had the back of Magic’s sweater between her fingers, a voice called in the distance, “Hope! Ginny! Lunch’s ready.”

Ginny faltered, and Magic slipped away from us, disappearing into a clothing shop.


“Mom – Magic – lunch – but she . . . but Mom . . .” I glanced helplessly at Ginny, trying to stop blubbering.


“Your mom called us to lunch while we were following Magic. Should we go back to your house, or catch Magic?” Ginny read my mind, as usual.

Mom thought we were hanging out by the creek behind our house, not trailing a criminal. If we didn’t answer, she’d come looking for us. Then she’d find us in a backstreet, out of breath, and Ginny and I’d have some explaining to do.


I pictured that in my mind. Oh, uh, hey, Mom! We were just chasing a thief named Magic Safire, a girl with invisible wool socks. Can you put lunch off an hour while we capture her?

Yeah . . . sure.


“Give me your phone.” Ginny’s demand jarred me out of my thoughts. She extended her hand and looked at my back pocket expectantly.


I pulled my violet phone out of my jeans and put it in Ginny’s open palm.


She turned it on, typed in the password (which got me wondering how she even knew my password in the first place), and sent a text off to my mom: Going out 2 lunch w/ Ginny. XO, Hope.

I became slightly disturbed when, after reading the text a few times, I began to think that I actually had written it, even though I’d just watched Ginny’s thumbs dance out the message. “How are you so good at impersonating me?” I asked her as a reply from Mom popped up on the screen: OK.


Ginny handed me the phone and started walking toward the clothing store Magic had darted into, a spring in her step. “I’ve had some practice,” she called, flipping her long dark brown hair over her shoulder.

“Wait – what?!” I ran after Ginny.


That’s all Loren has for now.

Keep calm and love Tracy René,

Me :)


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