What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 18



Rebekah’s dolls Nikki and Bethany looking cute in the snow! I especially love how Bethany looks ♥


Hayley‘s Josefina looks great, too. These pictures make me miss the snow . . .


The last three pictures are from Nikki:


“This idea was from Loren! All my dolls are in a circle!”


“I am on top of the world!!!”


“This is my favorite hair style!”


Thanks for the pics!

To send in a picture for next week’s What’s Up Wednesday, follow the rules *here.* And please, please send a caption with your picture!

I’ve gotta get to work on filming the rest of The BFF Wars . . . (BTW none of you have guessed correctly why I’m finishing the series on March 27! hehehe)




15 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 18

  1. Heehee… I think everyone in New England is getting ready to throw snowballs at you for saying that you miss snow. :P



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