What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 25


Hayley from DollDIYs started a new blog about her life, Flourishing by Restful Falls!


From Megan: New and improved, Sleeping Beauty!


From Nikki Malt: (McKenna) Look how cute I am in my new shirt and look at my new hair do!!!


Thanks for the pictures!

To send in a picture for next week’s What’s Up Wednesday follow the rules below:

what's up wednesday post

What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly feature on my blog where readers can send in their photos! Here’s what you need to know to send in a photo:

Send your pictures to me at happyhouseofag@gmail.com, and put “What’s Up Wednesday” as the subject, and make sure to include a caption and your name or nickname.

Please only send a maximum of three pictures.

Resize your pictures to 500 pixels in width.

Don’t send in pictures you have already posted on your blog, unless it is for a meet-up, poster for a new photostory series, or a giveaway you are hosting.

You can leave a link to your blog in your entry.

All pictures must be your own .

Send your pictures in by Tuesday evening. If they do not make it in in time I will post them next week.


I have been working day and night (LOL not really) on The BFF Wars! I think there’s going to be 15 episodes in the series. :)

Enjoy this little bit from part 9 . . .

The BFF Wars — Part 9 (Teaser!)


We stood outside on the day of the first Sports challenge. Teresa told us what we would be doing that day, although we knew already. All of us knew the challenges because we had watched The BFF Wars on TV before.


“We’ll start with a race,” Teresa was saying. “A girl from Team Tori will race against one from Team Jules. Then we’ll have a soccer game. Everybody got that?”


We all nodded.

I had a feeling that Charlotte and I could win today. Along with art and horses, sports was my real passion.

Teresa, Ashley and Sianne headed over to the track, followed by Jules and Venus.


I turned to Charlotte and put my hand on her arm. She had been super quite all morning, and her color had been off. “Hey, are you feeling OK? You don’t seem so hot, Champ.”

Charlotte nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Just tell me if you feel dizzy or anything.”



 When we caught up with the hosts of The BFF Wars and Team Jules, Teresa was talking about the race.

“Talk amongst yourselves and figure out who’s going to run,” she instructed.


I faced Charlotte and said, “I’d like to race; I’m pretty fast.” When my friend didn’t say anything, I added, “But if you’d like to race instead, I’m fine with that too.”


Charlotte began, “I –” She suddenly cut herself off by doubling over and coughing.


Dun, dun, DUN!! Ooh, the suspension!



18 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ March 25

  1. Thanks for putting my picture up, I hope more people will transfer from DollDIYs (but I did know it might take a little while). The BFF wars is the besets photo series ever! You’re such an amazing blogger, I LOVE READING YOUR BLOGS!!!


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