Guess What?

One year ago on March 27, I started this blog.

I can’t believe how well Happy House of AG is doing! I have 87 followers, 2,089 comments, 31,912 views, and at the moment, ranking second in Google. And, this is my 200th post. :)

The top commenters are DollDIYs, Rebekah, Dandelions and Daisies, Kaitlyn, Tenley and Nikki. Every comment makes my day.

Also, I changed my button to match my header — I’d appreciate it if you could change my old button for the new one:

A while ago, I said I would be finishing The BFF Wars today. Well . . .











HAHA Did I scare you?! Of course I’m finishing it! No fear! I also asked my readers if they had any guesses as to why I would finish the series on March 27. I got lots of ideas — from that it was my birthday, I was getting a new doll, to was it the first day of my spring break.

Now you know! Today is my blogiversary! (Or however you spell that.) Ali, Megan, Josie and Nikki guessed correctly.

I’m so thankful for every one of you (yes, you! Reading this post right now!). You’re all like the sisters I never had. (I, unfortunately, just have an annoying older brother . . .)

Well, you might be going crazy right now. “We want to read The BFF Wars!” you’re screaming. At 3:00 I’ll post part 8. And then, every hour, I’ll post another part. Leave your predictions for the series in the comments!



23 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. You’re doing such an amazing job with your blog and you are my favortist doll blog I follow, no lie!!! You’re sic a fabulous girl and I wish you the best in the future, and I hope to stay one of the top commenters :D. YOU’RE FABULOUS!


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