The BFF Wars — Part 12 1/2


“. . . Team Tori!!”


Charlotte and I ran onto the stage, hopping up and down and screaming in excitement. We picked up The BFF Wars trophy and held it in the air between us.


The trophy was painted a metallic gold, and a circle balanced on top had a sparkly purple gem in it. The words “BFF Wars” glittered in the sun.


We put down the award and jumped around, hugging each other and squealing some more. Had we really won? Was this real?



I wrapped my arms around Smoke’s neck and pressed my cheek against his silky mane. Charlotte, Jules, Venus and I were leaving the filming location of The BFF Wars in just a few minutes, and I wanted to say good bye to Teresa’s horse before we left.


I kissed Smoke’s velvety nose. Then I turned away and went to join the others.



As Teresa was walking us to where one of Venus’s limos would pick us up, she turned to me.


She pulled a slip of paper from her boot and pushed it into my hand.


I unfolded it, and saw that it was Teresa’s email:


She hugged me and whispered, “Keep in touch, Tori.”


She waved at us as we drove away until she was just a tiny speck in the distant. Teresa was like the sister I never had.


Come back at 8:00 for the finale of The BFF Wars series!


3 thoughts on “The BFF Wars — Part 12 1/2

  1. I don’t have any words! I’ve already told you how amazing you are. And I don’t really know if you want to hear the same thing over again, for the MILLIONTH time today :D.


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