The BFF Wars — Part 13



Life didn’t exactly turn back to normal after The BFF Wars. I would get ambushed on the street by random citizens, asking for my autograph. It was like I was a celebrity.

And, of course, nothing was normal without Jules by my side.


I was walking through town one drizzling afternoon when I saw a familiar person at my favorite ice-cream shop. The curly blonde ponytail, the stunning sky-blue eyes: it was definitely Jules.


I got some mint ice-cream and sat down across from Jules.


“Hi, Jules,” I said after a minute.


Jules looked up from her pink dessert. “Hi.”


All of a sudden she burst into tears. I tentatively put my arm around her and she cried into my shoulder.


“I’m sorry, Tori!” she sobbed. “I wanted to spend time with you, but Venus wouldn’t let me. I didn’t want to call The BFF Wars, but Venus made me do it! I tried to talk to you, but she wouldn’t leave me alone. I want to be your friend again! Your best friend!”


I helped Jules up and looked her in the eye. “Jules, of course we’re best friends. Best friends forever, right?”


We hugged each other, tears pricking the corners of my own eyes.



 I introduced Jules to Charlotte, and they quickly became close friends. We were a trio — the perfect number. That’s why cars have three seats in the back: so you can take your two best friends on adventures with you!

As for Venus? She crawled back to Paris. Hopefully we’d never see her again.

With Jules back in my life, things returned to normal pretty fast. People forgot that we had been on The BFF Wars, and we stopped getting mobbed.

Jules made me feel adventurous, and Charlotte made me feel hilarious  — with both of them, I felt unstoppable, like I could do anything.

I loved my best friends. ♥


35 thoughts on “The BFF Wars — Part 13

  1. Wow…. I. LOVE. IT.

    I have two BFF’s, together we are the “MAP” to friendship. The M is for me, Madison, the A is for Allie, and the P is for Piper. Put them together, and you get the MAP to friendship!!! ^_^ Unfortunately… A&P are back in Texas, and I’m heartbroken. Sigh. I miss them. A lot. My life will never be the same…

    Anyways, I LOVED this series so much! And btw, sorry I haven’t been on lately, things have been hectic over here. Congrats on your milestones with your blog and such – I LOVE this site, there’s always a great post to be found!

    Keep calm and blog on,



    • hehe, the MAP to friendship . . . that’s funny. My best friends would either be “LIK,” or “KIL.” Something like that, anyway.
      I don’t know what I’d do without my BFFs! (OK that’s not true, I’d eat chocolate) I hope you get to visit them a lot.
      Aw, thank you! This is probably my favorite series that I’ve done so far. But I am looking forward to doing Road to Pamel! I’ve planed out season one and two, and now I’m working on the plot for s. 3.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Madison-
    Oh, I’m sorry Madison:'(
    I miss my BFF, too-I think we’ve talked about this before.
    My BFF is 3 years older than me, though I don’t think I’ll ever find a better friend:)
    We even share the same middle names!
    I’m making a new really good friend right now at a church we’ve been visiting(I’ve gone to church my entire life though we’re just switching)! I’ve only talked to her I believe twice(once was just to say Happy belated Birthday), and it seems like we’re already making a good connection!:) I’m really excited!:D
    I hope you’re making some AMAZING new friends, and I’m sure you will!
    If I could ever meet you, I’d probably scream, and run up and give you a hug!:)


    • Wow, your BFF sounds great.
      I’m so happy you and this girl are becoming friends – you sound good with people! I often times come across as socially awkward, and often cringe when I’m home and I look back on the day. Sigh.
      Thanks – I’ve made a few good friends, but, I don’t want to be rude or anything but I just don’t think anyone really wants to hang out with me. They have their own friends that they’ve been with since birth, and yeah. They’re nice, and I like them, but I’m just not…I don’t know. :/
      Me too! You are such an awesome friend and if we met in real life we would have so much fun!! *virtual hug* <3


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