The BFF Wars — Part 9 1/2



Venus and I stayed on the track, catching our breath as Teresa talked about the soccer game.


Venus raised her hand to get Teresa’s attention and asked with fake politeness, “How is this game going to work? Tori’s best friend, poor Charlotte, is sick. So it would be two against one. How would that be fair to Tori?”


“We already thought of that,” Ashley replied. “You’ll take turns playing offense and defense.”


We followed Teresa and Ashley to the field Charlotte and Sianne were resting by.


“Tori will start out in the goal,” Teresa told us. She turned to me and inquired, “Is that OK with you, Tori?”

I nodded. “Yeah, that’s fine.”


Jules and Venus and I went out onto the soccer field. I took my place in the goal and Venus and Jules stood four yards in front from me with the ball.


A shrill whistle started the game, and Jules began dribbling the ball up to the goal.


As she was getting in position to shoot, Venus darted in front of Jules and stole the ball from her. A look of confusion flashed across Jules’s face, and she said, “We’re on the same team, Venus!”


Ignoring her, Venus took the ball to the right side of the field and got ready to shoot.


She kicked the ball and it bounced off of the goalie’s best friend, a pole. Venus missed the goal and didn’t get a point.


The ball was returned to the middle of the field and the next round began. Venus took the ball to the left side of the field and Jules ran to the right. I stood on my toes, wondering if Venus would pass to Jules.


Venus passed to Jules and she dribbled up to the goal. I pretended to dart forward and Jules kicked the ball upstairs.


The soccer ball soared toward the right corner of the net. I leaped into the air, trying to block it.


I batted at the ball with my hand and stopped it from traveling into the goal. It rolled away from the net and crossed the line marking the dimensions of the field; it was out.


After five more minutes of Team Jules trying unsuccessfully to score on me, it was my turn to play offense. Jules moved into the goal and Venus took up defense.


When the whistle blew, I dribbled toward the goal.


Venus rushed forward, blocking my path, but I swerved left and continued to advance on the goal.


As I charged forward, Jules shrank back into the goal, behind the line. It was almost too easy.

I faked a left and then drove the ball right.


With a mighty kick, I sent the ball straight into the goal.


It rolled past Jules and she stood gaping, scolding herself for not stopping it.


Six minutes later, after I had scored two goals per minute, Teresa blew the whistle and the scrimmage ended.

“Tori is the winner of Sports 1!” she exclaimed.


I ran off the field and wrapped Charlotte in a hug. “We won!” I exclaimed. “Charlotte, I did it!”

The teams were tied now:

Team Tori: 3

Team Jules: 3


13 thoughts on “The BFF Wars — Part 9 1/2

  1. Awesome! Except it’s about 9pm here (in London) so I will have to sleep soon :-( I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out wht happens… the suspense is killing me now!!


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