What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 1


Rebekah‘s dolls have a silly signature! (Bethany and Jessica are rocking those mustaches ;) )

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Happy April Fools day! My mom was already awake when I got up, so I couldn’t be very sneaky . . . but, I painted a bar of soap with clear nail polish, stuck tape on the bottom of a computer mouse, and painted a rock to say “Turn me over,” and then on the other side, “You just took orders from a rock.”

What pranks did you do? I’d love to hear!



40 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 1

  1. I put butter on the doorknob. When my sister touched it, it got on her hands and she got all grossed out! She was screaming at me wanting to know what it was, (not literally ;) ) and I was laughing so hard! So I finally told her it was butter. :P

    ~Lydia~ <3


  2. LOL, I did nothing (yet!!). But my dad did get me yesterday. He told me there was going to be 2 inches of snow on the ground today! And I believed him, until he told me a few seconds later it was an April Fools’ joke! Haha!
    P.S. Great tricks, Loren. ;-)


  3. Great joke, Loren! I told my brother that all of the majestic sea tortoises had died, and of course he didn’t believe me. He said, “No, Devin, for I am the majestic sea tortoise of the world! MWAHAHAHAHA!”


  4. I’m laughing so hard right now! I just saw that you signed up for AGHomeschool, and I’ve been in the process of begging my parents for an account since the day before last, haha.


  5. we don’t do pranks in my house, and though i can think of tons of good pranks…….. well, one time i perfumed my sisters pillow and both my parents and my sister were mad and i felt bad, so know more pranks! welllllllllllllllll, except for blog…………………… haha!


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