What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 15


From Clara: Mini Rebecca in a tree! She is such a cute doll and I love her curls.


The poster of a new photostory series Rebekah is planning, Camp Summer!


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Hey! I hope you had a great Wednesday.

I’ve been trying to plot a book  plotting a book. I’ve got my handy plotting board (I guess I can’t really say that it’s handy because this is the first time I’ve ever used it, so how could I know if it was handy?) beside me and I’m slowly adding Post-it-notes to it when I get an idea for a new scene. My book only has seven pages and 2,382 words :'( It is coming along like a turtle.

OK, I think that’s enough of my ramblings for the day. Cheerio.

Oh wait one more thing!! My BFF talked me into doing a football clinic with her, so I’m excited about that :)



13 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 15

  1. I applaud you!
    I can’t plot my books at all… I mean, I plot them, and then I start them, and then, well, my books decide not to follow the rules. Oh well.
    Hopefully this one will. Thd beginning didn’t though. Hmm. I already wrote the end though, and have been hinting at what’s going to happen. It’s in third person. Anyways, I just need to make sure that I can actually fit in my end because I love it. Ok, I don’t love it, because it’s not “happily ever after” and whatnot and the problem doesn’t get solved (I’ll pm a bit of the storyline to you on Pinterest), but I love how I wrote it and how changed my character is.

    And also, 7 pages is great! Mine has 14, but it would probably be more like 5, because I’m going for a different writing style than normal on this one, so I have a lot of
    Hanna blah blah blah.
    Ailsa blah blah blah
    Ivria blah blah blah.
    And lots of sentences where I have one sentence,
    then press return.
    Write another sentence.
    Write another.

    Anyways, yeah. I have 6,000-ish words. IDK. I wrote a lot yesterday, so I think I got from like 4,000 something to 6,000-ish? I honestly don’t know. Hmm. Darn. Oh well, I think this is the same book I’ll be doing for YWP later this year, so then I guess you’ll be able to see my word count.

    CN you tell us about your plotting board? Do you just add post it notes kn order of the scenes and scribble a bit of the scenes down?


    • Characters in my books are always like, “Hmm, how can we make this scene incredibly boring?”
      The story I’m working on right now isn’t exactly going to have a happy ever after. More like “and then she died.” Or something along those lines, anyway.
      Yay! I can’t wait to read your story. Ooh, I really like those names :)
      One scene I wrote recently was mostly dialogue, and then I was looking back at it
      Kinda sad.
      o.O Lots of words!!
      OK! My mom suggested that a make a post about my plotting board and put it on my other blog (unicornsneverendingstory.wordpress.com. LOL I’m obsessed with unicorns xD)


      • Haha, mine are either like that or “lets make this crazy dramatic for Kathleen and have it be so that anyone reading it would think that it was written by a tween girl” (which would technically be right) or they think “Oh, hurhur, Kathleen got our personalities perfectly in that scene. Now lets start the acting! We’ll change our personalities and then she’ll have to replot and rewrite!”

        Haha, mine too. And also, my Pinterest isn’t seeming to work very well, so I’ll send it via YWP. I kinda have three main characters, and what I can figure out from the end is that at least one dies, one is hurt or has left that city or something, and one is alive but very much changed. :)

        :D Why thank you! I got them all from Nameberry, which is probably my favorite baby name site. :)

        Yep, that is exactly what I did. IDK, though. I tried it on my last book and it really didn’t work, but it did on this one really well, so I’m kinda happy about that. You’ll understand it more once I send the first chapter to you, but one of my characters is extremely factual, so that works well for her character. Since it’s 3rd person, I’m also kinda a bit of a character for third person. I might end up with one of their friends being the narrator, but I want to see how the rest of the book works out first.

        Why thank you!
        Hmm, I’ll have to see it. I think I’ve looked at that onceor twice, IDK. And yes,UNICORNSSSSSSSS! Me and my friends used to have this thing where whenever anyone said “pink” “fluffy” despicable” “minions” or “unicorns” we would start singing a song we made up, which went like
        “Pink fluffy unicorns, pink fluffy unicorns
        Pink fluffy unicornspink fluffy unicorns”
        Over and over qgain. I still do it, even though we aren’t friends anymore.



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