What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 22

ATD Collage-resized

From Hope: I made this collage with a few photos from my blog. My blog is All Things Doll! Thanks and see you all next Wednesday!


Like always, just click *here* if you’re interested in sending in a photo for next week’s What’s Up Wednesday.


Happy Earth Day, and happy birthday to all the Molly dolls out there! Hopefully there will be a photostory about Molly’s birthday up here soon.

Oh, and you know that series I mentioned in this post? Last night, I wrote a teeny tiny part of it :) So now I’m pretty sure I’m going to do it.



6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ April 22

  1. Thanks for posting my photo in What’s Up Wednesday! I will tell people about it so maybe you can get more pictures in for it. :) Hopefully you do the series! I would love to see it!



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