What is She Doing?! #4 — WINNERS

Ugh. Why? Why?! WHY can I never post these things on time?!!!


Well, back in January (Do I have that right? Sigh), I asked you to caption this picture:


The winner . . . .


(Starts with Saige)
Saige: Look at me! I can skateboard like a pro!
Tracy: *Doesn’t glance up from DS* Don’t distract me!!! I’m about to beat this leeeeevel!!!! Nooooooooo! *Loses game and throws DS*
Isabelle: *Walks by and picks up DS*
Tracy: Fetch it Boo!
*Boo starts chasing Isabelle trying to get the DS*
Isabelle: Whaaaat?! Ahhhhhhh! *Runs*
Savannah: Don’t worry we’ll save you! *Charges at Boo with a sword*
Ivy: YAAAAAA BEAST! *Follows Savannah with a shield*
Molly: *is dangling Caroline by her feet* I will hold you like this until you tell me where you hid my homework!
Caroline: I don’t know anything about your homework!
Molly: Yeah Right. *rolls eyes*
Emily: *Sips tea while giggling* I hid your homework!*Starts laughing even more*



10 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #4 — WINNERS

  1. Hi! This is a totally random question, but whatever- Can you show us how you made your doll beds? Please? I’ve always liked them and want to make my own, especially since AG doll beds are too expensive for me.


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