The Fairy Tale Spa


“Are we almost there?” Molly asked as we walked. She glanced back at Boo, her little Pomeranian puppy, and added, “I think Boo is getting tired.”


“We’re getting close,” I assured Molly.

Last month, my new family had finished filming a series called The BFF Wars. Loren had asked me if I knew of any places they could go to relax after the series was over, and I had the perfect place in mind.


“What’s this great and mysterious “there” you’re taking us to?” Tracy looked around the totally empty mall we were in.

“Yeah,” Saige put in. “You said you wouldn’t tell us where we were going, but could you at least . . . tell us where we’re going?”


“I want it to be a surprise!” I said cheerfully. To myself, I muttered, “It should be right ahead.”


We rounded a corner and I nodded in satisfaction. “Here we are,” I announced.


We looked around the shop. It was tiny, with a single couch, two end tables, a chair, and what looked like a bed covered in a white blanket.


A sign written in pink script proclaimed “Fairy Tale Spa.”


“Aurora!” I called to a young woman by the bed. She looked up and smiled.


“Mary-Jane!” she exclaimed. “What a nice surprise, seeing you here.”

I cringed when she called me by my full name.


Aurora followed me over to my friends, and I introduced them all.


Aurora turned to me. “Deluxe, I assume, Miss Valdez?” she said.

I nodded.

“You’re my favorite customer,” she continued, “and a celebrity, so I’ll give you and your friends here a discount.”


I slipped my shoes off and placed them side by side against a wall. My friends stood around awkwardly and watched me.

“Um . . . should we take off our shoes, too?” Saige asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Deluxe includes a foot massage.”


We followed Aurora around the spa, the young woman pointing things out to us: the foot spa, the hair styling/cutting station, and the hot stone massage.


Isabelle and Ivy plopped down on a couch and squished their feet into the foot spa.


We pretty much spent our whole day at the Fairy Tale Spa. Here are some bonus pictures that Loren didn’t use in this post:







This is Loren giving Caroline a “hot stone massage,” which was really just using a baking soda and water paste to clean her vinyl.

~ MJ ~

P.S. Loren didn’t get any pictures for WUW, so there won’t be a post today for that.


18 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Spa

  1. Hehe! Loved this! Hope your girls had some wonderful relaxation time when the BFF Wars was over! I clean my girls vinyl occasionally (using the great baking-soda-and-water-paste thingy), and it helps pretty well to rid of dirt buildup and/or minor stains lol. Once there was lipstick at the bottom of Molly’s leg, and I had NO IDEA where it came from since I don’t wear lipstick. It was a mystery! It came off though with the baking soda water paste. XD.


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