Remember the Snowmobile?

Hey guys!

So, some of you have been asking where I got that snowmobile from episode seven of The BFF Wars.

American Girl dolls Emily and Isabelle on snowmobile

I did a lot of research (LOL not really. I just searched “yellow remote control snowmobile”), and found that it is a Ski-Doo RC Snowmobile. If I had just looked at the snowmobile I also would have learned that, because it says “Ski-Doo” right on it.

Ski-Doo RC Snowmobile

*Picture from*

(Mom: please insert the link ’cause I’m too lazy to try to figure out how to put it in here by myself.)

New Ray Toys 1:12 Scale Snowmobile – Bombardier Skidoo MXZ 44043

Also, if some of you would like to buy a snowmobile, if you buy it through the link above, then I would get a tiny bit of money from the sale. You could support one of your favorite blogs! :)



11 thoughts on “Remember the Snowmobile?

  1. Woah.
    That is, amazing. A DOLL SIZED SNOWMOBILE!

    If I lived in Colorado…I’d want it!

    But since I live where snow is non-existent (DUMB OLD FLORIDA!!! XD), I would have no use for it. :'(

    That is so cool though…THINK OF ALL THE AGSM’S!


  2. I have a question. If I buy the snowmobile from that link, will you still get some of the money even though you posted this in May? I hope they still make the snowmobile, because I clicked the link and it is currently unavailable. :(


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