Striped Hoodie Outfit (and More!) Review


I ordered some stuff from American Girl, and they arrived today!

Emily in American Girl Raspberry Glasses 1

First up, I bought the Raspberry Glasses!

Emily in American Girl Raspberry Glasses 2

I got these because Hayley‘s Emily looks so cute in her glasses. They stay on the doll really well.

American Girl Raspberry Glasses case.

Here’s the cute case the glasses came with! It’s soft and fleecy :) I rate this five stars! There’s nothing bad about it!

American Girl Sparkly Hair Pick

I got the Sparkly Hair Pick. It’s a transparent light purple color with silver sparkles in it. It worked really well on my Caroline’s messy hair. This is five stars also.

Emily in American Girl True Spirit Accessories

I bought the My American Girl True Spirit Accessories. I love this set! It looks amazing with the current My AG meet outfit (which Emily isn’t wearing :P).

Hat from American Girl True Spirit Accessories

This hat = awesomeness. I haven’t quite figured out how to put it on the doll properly yet, though.

True Spirit Accessories Jacket 1

The jacket isn’t full-length, but it is C-U-T-E!

True Spirit Accessories jacket buttons

All the buttons, which have little stars on them, really work! It’s a nice touch.

True Spirit Accessories jacket American Girl tag

The American Girl tag is on left sleeve, and doesn’t really stand out from the white jacket.

True Spirit Accessories purse

The purple purse is so tiny and adorable! The pink butterfly on the flap goes along with the butterfly theme on the My AG meet outfit boots. It closes with a piece of velcro.

True Spirit Accessories money

The True Spirit Accessories set also comes with three one dollar bills and a library card. The dollars are a nice size, but they don’t fit in the purse and are only printed on one side.

True Spirit Accessories library card 1

The library card is plastic and also a good size.

True Spirit Accessories library card 2

The card fits in the purse with a bit of pushing, but just barely. I rate this four  stars, because the library card and money don’t fit in the purse.

Emily in American Girl Striped Hoodie Outfit

Last but not least . . . the Striped Hoodie Outfit! I love this outfit soooo much. I would totally wear it if it were in my size! The shirt is a bit hard to get on, because you have to pull the hood over the dolls head.

Emily in Striped Hoodie Outfit

^The shirt with the hood up^

I think that the hood is a bit too small. It fits on the head just fine, put if it covered more of her head, that would be better.

Striped Hoodie Outfit shirt back

It has this odd slit in the back. I know it’s just so that the hood can move easier, but it looks a little weird.

Striped Hoodie Outfit shoes

I have nothing bad to say about the shoes. The slip on and off really easily and I just love the colors.

Striped Hoodie Outfit shirt design

The design on the shirt is beautiful. I love how the bright colors contrast with the gray of the shirt.

Striped Hoodie Outfit shirt pocket

The pocket works!

Striped Hoodie Outfit pants

The pants go on easily. They don’t have pockets. (BTW, the orange is brighter in real life.)

Striped Hoodie Outfit hairbands

It comes with two pink hairbands.

Striped Hoodie Outfit charm 1

It comes with a “Proud” charm.

Striped Hoodie Outfit charm 2

I found it funny that the quote on the charm’s package was from a girl named Emily, because Emily was modeling the outfit! I rate this four and a half stars, because of the difficulties with the hood.

Here are some pictures of Emily in the Striped Hoodie Outfit:

Emily 1

Striped Hoodie Outfit shoes 2

Emily 2

Emily 3

Emily 4



33 thoughts on “Striped Hoodie Outfit (and More!) Review

  1. Emily looks adorable! :) I have the Raspberry Glasses and I just got the True Spirit Accessories from the sale. They had them on sale in the store as well as the website!


  2. I have all those things and love them; well I sold the glasses to a relative. The pink beret is so cute and the hoodie goes really well with Grace’s meet skirt and boots. :)



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