Who Wore it Best ~ Raspberry Glasses

Hello lovelies!

Today we’re going to play Who Wore it Best! All nine of my American Girl dolls will be trying on the Raspberry Glasses, and it is your job to tell me which one looks the most dashing in it.

Shall we begin?

Savannah in Raspberry Glasses 2

Will you vote for the Floridian beauty, Savannah?

Emily in Raspberry Glasses 1

Or Emily, to whom the glasses belong?

Tracy in Raspberry Glasses 1

Tracy in Raspberry Glasses 2

Or maybe you’ll pick Tracy.

Saige in Raspberry Glasses

Perhaps your vote goes to Saige.

Molly in Raspberry Glasses 1

Molly in Raspberry Glasses 2

Maybe Molly’s look is more your style.

       Isabelle in Raspberry Glasses 1

Or are these glasses on Isabelle right en pointe? (Sorry, I had to do that xD)

Caroline in Raspberry Glasses 1

Caroline in Raspberry Glasses 2

Caroline? (Ugh I have run out of witty things to say)

Ivy in Raspberry Glasses 1

Wait . . . I guess I haven’t! Do you like the nerdy look these glasses give Ivy?

MJ in Raspberry Glasses 1

MJ in Raspberry Glasses 2

Does a certain superstar rock this look? Then vote for MJ!

Vote for which doll looks best in the My American Girl Raspberry Glasses in the comments! On June 1st I’ll reveal the winner. Whoever gets the most votes will also get a photoshoot!



62 thoughts on “Who Wore it Best ~ Raspberry Glasses

  1. Can we do a button swap? Go to my blog and click on button swap on the menu. Follow the instructions and I will post your button. Also can you give some help on how to make a button that you can click on?


    • Sure, I’d love to swap with you! The only way I know to make buttons clickable (yes, I know that’s not a word) is to put them on the sidebar. So if you go to widgets and select the Image widget, there will be a text bar called “Link URL.” Then you put the URL of the blog the button belongs to there.


  2. Savannah or Ivy are my favorites!
    Lol……..”Or are these glasses on Isabelle right en pointe?” Don’t worry about it…..I probably would have had to do that, too! ;D


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