Family Game Night ~ Part 2

The Percy Jackson insult battle that Tracy and I were in only stopped when Caroline offered us blue cookies. In my opinion, blue cookies — or any blue food, at that — could solve just about anything. Seriously. Take a plate of blue cookies onto a battlefield and see what happens. I dare you.


After the game of Monopoly Millionaire had been cleaned up, Briar excused herself, saying that it was time for her beauty rest.That was fine with me; our next activity didn’t have teams, so Briar wasn’t exactly needed any more.

We all curled up on a makeshift (although very comfortable) couch to watch a movie. So I guess you could say that family game night had changed to family movie night. If we were going to do something like that again in the future, I was going to call it family entertainment night.


Of course, everyone wanted to watch something different. MJ wanted Teen Beach Movie, Tracy wanted a Ninjago or Ultimate Spiderman marathon, Isabelle wanted the Swan Princess, and on and on it goes . . . In case you were wondering, I suggested a Doctor Who marathon.

But we all finally agreed on something when Savannah shouted out, “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast!”

Disney Fairy movies. Yes.


 I was sobbing my eyes out by the time the movie ended (as was Loren), so Caroline went to get some ice cream for me to make it better. She flicked on the lights on her way out, not leaving me in the dark with all my movie-induced feelings. Caroline also didn’t leave the room. Instead of being my servant that gets me ice cream whenever I cry, she got Loren to move the laptop.


Caroline stood right in front of us, where the laptop had been moments before. She cleared her throat and began to speak. “I recently learned that there were two birthdays in this house that we didn’t celebrate. The birthdays of Isabelle and Molly.”

I gasped. How could I have possibly forgotten my best friend’s birthday?! The date came to the front of my mind: April 22. And Isabelle’s birthday . . . that was May 2nd.


Molly and Isabelle looked at each other.

“We didn’t forget,” Isabelle started softly.

“We thought that maybe you didn’t care about our birthdays,” added Molly.

“Of course we care!” we all chorused.


Caroline sat down next to Molly and took her hand. “You remember the couple you pet sat for?”

Molly nodded, a tear tracing its way down her cheek.

She had gotten her first pet sitting job in January. Some newlyweds were going on their honeymoon to Europe, and they needed someone to take care of their puppy, Boo.

I remembered when Molly had given Boo back. It was April 22nd . . . her birthday. Instead of receiving presents, she had given away something close to her heart. I knew that even though Molly had put on a brave face, even though  she’d only shed a few tears, that a little piece of her heart had stayed with Boo.

Caroline continued, “They decided to move to Europe. And the apartment –“


“Flat!” I called out. “In Europe, it’s a flat.”

“Um, OK, thank you, Emily,” Caroline said. Then she looked Molly in the eye. “The flat they’re going to move into doesn’t allow pets. So they gave Boo away.”

“Whoever got him is very lucky,” Molly said, wiping away her tear.

An idea was starting to form in my mind. It was confirmed when Saige got up from the couch and dashed out of the room.


She returned with a little dog in her arms, dressed in a soft white coat with a hood.


Molly sprang up and took Boo from Saige. The pup covered her face in wet doggy kisses.

“Boo!” Molly was crying freely now, her face buried in her dog’s head.


Saige left again, then hurried back, a red shopping bag in her hand. She placed it in Isabelle’s lap, and we all crowded around her, eager to see what was inside.


Isabelle pulled a pair of red shoes, a beige and white striped scarf, a floral jumper, and a red sweater from the bag. Everyone oohed and aahed over the outfit.


“Thank you!” Isabelle said. “I love it. And I’ll share it all with you guys.”


“That’s really kind of you, but you don’t have to do that!” protested Ivy. “It’s your birthday present.”

I should have felt the same as Ivy, but I couldn’t help imagining myself in the outfit.


“That’s right,” Izzy agreed, gathering the clothes up in her arms. “So I can do what I want with it. And I want to share it with you!” That was just the kind of sweet person she was. “But first . . . I want to try it on!”


After Isabelle had changed, she modeled the outfit for us. She looked great. The reds went with her blonde hair and the scarf with her eyes.


Finally we were all sleepy, and we stood up to get ready for bed.

“We should do this again,” I said.

A chorus of “Yeah”s, “Uh-huh”s, and “Totally”s met me.

I asked, “But next time . . . do I get presents?”



16 thoughts on “Family Game Night ~ Part 2

  1. Ninjago awesome. I Love that show Trace. my brother just checked out a DVD at the liberay. season 2 first 7 Epi. Plus on top of that we watched about season1 to about half of season 2. Who knew.


  2. *GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPP* Oh my goodness! Somehow I unfollowed you!!!!!!!!!!! How on EARTH di that happen????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    *Ahem* Heh heh.
    It looks like the FGN was a succsess!


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