I Need Your Honest Opinion

So. I’ve noticed that What’s Up Wednesday isn’t exactly the most popular kind of post. I blog for both my readers and myself, so if What’s Up Wednesday was my favorite post ever, I wouldn’t take it away. But it’s not my favorite, so I need to know what you would have me do.

Please comment truthfully: should I put an end to What’s Up Wednesday?

If the majority votes for the archival of What’s Up Wednesday, then that’s what I’ll do.

I want to make sure that my readers enjoy my blog. If What’s Up Wednesday posts appear in your feed and you don’t check it out, that’s probably a sign that you don’t enjoy them much. My feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t like What’s Up Wednesday. In fact, writing those posts has become a bit of a drag.

Please be honest with me!



34 thoughts on “I Need Your Honest Opinion

  1. I totally understand your problem. I had started Tell Us Tuesday and I thought more people would be more interested, but I ended up getting just one photo a week after a while and doing it just got to feeling more like a chore. It wasn’t a fun thing anymore, so I stopped doing it.
    I think that if you aren’t having fun doing it anymore, then you should stop. I honestly don’t really care. Sometimes I’ll read it and sometimes I just skip it. But obviously, a lot of people here really enjoy WUW, so maybe you could keep it going for a while, change it up a bit and see how you feel about it. But if you still really don’t enjoy doing it, then just stop. I think every blogger should enjoy what they are posting :)

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