Who Likes Updates?

The matter of What’s Up Wednesday.

What's Up Wednesday poster

I know I can’t please all of you. Lots of you said you like it, and lots said they think I could be doing more with my blog, like a weekly photostory.

I happen to agree with the latter.

So, I’ll not be posting What’s Up Wednesday anymore. Actually, there will be one more What’s Up Wednesday — on the seventeenth. I’m hoping that those of you who voted to keep WUW will send in a picture for its final appearance on Happy House of AG on June 17.

However, something will be replacing it . . . for the summer, at least.

Allow me to introduce Life at Camp!


You know how at Camp Doll Diaries, there’s a theme for each week? Life at Camp would be told from the POV (point of view) of a different doll each week, having an adventure inspired by the theme at Camp Doll Diaries. And here’s something about it that I think you’ll really enjoy . . .

You get to vote for what doll tells the story! I’ll set up a poll at the beginning of each week, when we learn the theme at CDD. You’ll be able to vote until Wednesday night. I guess Savannah’s “Off to Camp Doll Diaries!” post was kind of last week’s Life at Camp.

I’ve learned that the second week of Camp Doll Diaries is 70s Week, so here’s your poll . . .

OK, moving on.

It’s time for another photostory series! Which one would you rather read:


Road to Pamel



Looks like this one doesn’t have a poster . . . hmmm

Star, Fire, and Ashes

I’ve got soooooooooooo many ideas for photostory series. Most of them aren’t up there on that list at all. I guess I’ll just have to write all the ideas down on a real piece of paper, and then, once I’ve come up with plots for them all, I’ll post the ideas on here! Doesn’t that sound great? (Yeah, sure, but a lot of work for me . . .)

Don’t forget to comment telling me which series you’d like to see next!



37 thoughts on “Who Likes Updates?

  1. I will be working on my final What’s up Wednesday post. I’m sad that it has stopped but am looking forward to Life at camp. I know what you mean by so many series ideas. my brain has so many ideas too:)


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