The Great Washing

You know how in my last post, I said that nothing could go into the house unless it had been inspected for cockroaches? And by that I meant nothing. I brought most of my dolls’ clothes on vaca with me, so all of them had to be washed.

By hand.

By me.

All of them.

It took hours.

And I’d like to say thank you to my mom, who photographed The Great Washing. And then I’d like to glare at her and ask why she was doing that instead of helping me wash. Because my fingers look like raisins from all those hours of washing doll clothes.


 The first bin (blue) has cold water and Woolite in it, and the second one (green) just has water for rinsing.


Doo, doo, doo, doo . . . . washing, washing . . .  boring . . . .


Caroline’s dress had a stain on it, but we mostly got it out :)


Clothes spread out on a towel to dry.


More washing . . . hum, hum, hummity hum . . . (Yeah, hummity isn’t a word, oh well)


A towel was placed over the clothes that were lying on top of another towel. Then the whole thing was rolled up to suck the life (or the water, whatever) out of the clothes.


More wet clothes.


Shoes lined up for cockroach inspection.


Giant pile of washed clothing. WHOOP WHOOP!!


After all the clothes were washed came the fateful moment that the dolls’ fates were decided. Were they going to be un-quarantined (also not a word) or would they live the rest of their lives as invalids?


Oh, and here is a horrible picture of the cockroach trap. One bottle cap was filled with powdered sugar and baking soda and the other had water in it. In theory, the cockroaches would drink some water, eat some of the sugar/baking soda, and then the water would have a reaction with the baking soda and, as cockroaches cannot puke or fart, they explode. Gross, right? But effective. In theory.

There were no pieces of exploded bug in the bag, so that was good sign.


“Am I being detained or am I free to go?”


We took the dolls outside and my mom searched them for cockroaches again. We didn’t find a single one! :D :D


Pretty doll hair o.O


 ♪ Who let the dolls out? Who, who, who . . . ♪


 Suspicious-looking fly.


Useless Fact of the Day: Tracy’s cloth is a different color than everybody else. Random Question of the Day: Is it just because she’s older?


 A mob of naked dollies rushing toward the house, chanting, “CLOTHES! CLOTHES! CLOTHES!” I wonder how they’ll react when they discover that all their precious clothes are wet . . .


Apparently not all the clothes were wet, and the dolls donned some old fashioned dresses or long-sleeved things and got down to business: hanging the clothes up to dry.




Tracy, at the second clothesline, got her finger trapped in a clothespin. She manged to yanked it off and was hopping about, screaming at the clothespin lying on the ground.


Even Mini Rebecca Rubin the First was helping in her own strange way. And it was so nice to see her and Savannah getting along . . .

She was NOT helping and we were NOT getting along! ~Savannah

Ana, I’m sure she was trying to help —

No! No, she wasn’t! Unless you call shimming up and down on the section of clothesline in front of me, knocking off the clothes every time I hang them up and shouting that she’s Batman helping, then she wasn’t!

Oh . . . uh, that does sound bad . . .


Anyway, on the second clothesline, only Ivy and Emily were making much progress on the laundry.



Caroline insisted that the socks be hung up with the teeny-tiny clothespins :)


I thought this section of the clothesline was really cool because of the colors.


I ended up needing four clotheslines! This pictures shows one and three.


Here are two and four.

And now we wait.



26 thoughts on “The Great Washing

  1. CLOTHES! CLOTHES! CLOTHES! HAHA. This is so funny. But I’m sorry you got cockroaches. But hey at least you don’t LIVE with cockroaches in your house. They’ve been living in my house for about a year already.


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *Ahem* It’s horrible that you had to wash all those clothes but… “A mob of naked dollies rushing toward the house, chanting, ‘CLOTHES! CLOTHES! CLOTHES!'” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And BOY do you have a lot of doll clothes! You should have posted a picture of your raisins!


  3. I was bored after getting braces today, so I went back and read your old posts. You are quite funny, my friend. :P

    -Clara <3


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