What is She Doing?! #5 — WINNERS

Happy Fourth of July!

Annnnnnd this one was late too. But at least it’s still in the same month that I promised to announce the winner. Only three days late. (Wow, Loren, that’s major improvement!)


I loved all the entries (thanks for so many, guys!), and I picked a couple of my favorites. Ready?












Congratulations to Kathryn, Devin, and Kayla!


The time of doom had come and the Underwear Phantoms had been released.

An innocent Savannah hung wash, humming.

All of a sudden a scream echoed through the air.

Underwear Monsters: “GIVE US THY UNDERWEAR!!!”



Savannah: Um, what are you guys doing?

MJ: Underwear battles have now begun! CHARGE!!!!

Tracy: Lucky for me, I have a companion to assist me while I defeat you.

Mini Rebecca: Actually, I just wanted to see you guys wearing underwear on your head.

Savannah: Whatever. Anyway, will someone help me hang up these clothes?

Mini Rebecca: I will!

Savannah: NOOOOO!!!!


MJ and Tracy: *sneak in and steal underwear while Ana is taking them off the clothesline*

Savannah: Do do do do do laundry, laundry.



Mini Rebecca: *jumps off clothesline onto Tracy’s shoulder* Me too

Savannah: What in the world?

Tracy: GET HER!!

MJ: I’m not your puppet

Mini Rebecca: *whisper’s into Tracy’s ear* Why don’t you get MJ

Tracy: Good plan *runs toward MJ*

MJ: Oh no you don’t *rushes toward Tracy as well*

As they are running they both get into one big . . .

MJ and Tracy: HEAD BONK!!!!!!!!

Mini Rebecca: The perks of being tiny, my friend, the perks of being tiny. *tries to reach up and pat Tracy’s head*



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