Stranger in the House


It had been a long day of shopping, and I was pooped. When I got home, I knew I needed to relax, and I couldn’t think of any better way to do that then to pamper myself in my own spa. Just for fun, I headed up to the spa with my eyes closed. I only bumped into four things!


I had just settled into a chair when the bathroom door opened. A beautiful stranger, wrapped in towels, appeared in the doorway.

My first thought was, My house has been broken in to! And then, Only a dumb burglar would take a bath in the victim’s house.


I sprang up from the chair, got into what I hoped was a fighting position, and demanded, “Who are you?” You don’t look like the thief type, I thought.


The girl, hands raised defensively, replied, “Avery Ella, daughter of Cinderella.”

I studied the girl. She had light ginger hair tied up in a bun and brilliant green eyes. She didn’t look like Cinderella, but, then again, I didn’t look like my mother either.


I grabbed some scissors from the spa and pointed them at her. “OK, Avery Ella. What are you doing in my house?” A burglar, I guessed, wouldn’t have a good excuse as to why she’d broken into my house. But if Avery really was who she said she was, the daughter of Cinderella, then she’d probably be a student at Ever After High. That made it a little better — at least she wasn’t some random person that had sneaked onto campus — but she’d still broken into my house, and I wanted an explanation.


A look of confusion flashed across Avery Ella’s face. “You . . .  you don’t know why I’m here?” she asked, clasping her hands.

“Of course I don’t!” I snapped.

“They said they would tell you I was coming . . .”


I took a few steps toward her. “Well, ‘they’ never told me anything, so why don’t you explain?”

“I will, I will!” Avery exclaimed. “But first, um, could you please put the scissors away?”

I closed my weapon and tucked it under my arm.


Avery walked downstairs, and at first I thought she was leaving my dorm, but then she plopped on a bed in my room that hadn’t been there before. The girl must have put it there, but why? “I’m your new roommate,” she said simply, smiling at me.

My jaw dropped. “My roommate?!” I gasped, horrified. “You can’t be my roommate! I never heard anything about getting a roommate!”


I flung the scissors onto my bed and grabbed my phone. I called the school office, and when someone picked up, I shouted into it, “This is Briar Beauty, I’m calling about a roommate? This girl named Avery Ella, she said she’s the daughter of Cinderella, showed up in my dorm today! She told me she was my roommate. Can you get her to leave?”

The voice on the other end chided, “Calm down, Miss Beauty. Avery Ella is your roommate.” The speaker covered the mouthpiece, but I could still hear her talking. “Didn’t you call Briar Beauty to tell her about her roommate?” she asked someone else in the office.

Nope,” came the reply.

The woman on the phone started talking to me again. “I’m sorry, Miss Beauty. There seems to have been some kind of mistake. We were going to tell you about Miss Ella, but we got a little confused about who was going to call. I hope this answers your questions?”

My heart sank. Avery was my roommate, and she was here to stay. “Yeah, thanks. Bye.” I clicked the phone off.


I perched on the edge of my bed and sighed. “So, um, Avery, I guess I haven’t introduced myself,” I said. “I’m Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty.” I sighed again. “Why don’t you go get dressed and I’ll give you a tour?”


Avery scooped her high heels off the floor, nodding. “That would be nice. I’ll do that,” she told me. Then she went upstairs to the bathroom, where she must have left her clothes.


She returned in a couple of minutes wearing an adorable skirt and an equally cute shirt that I couldn’t wait to try on. She set her towels on her bed.


Avery waved at the towels and asked, “Should I put them in the bathroom?”

I nodded and pointed at the scissors. “Could you take that up with you?”

She placed it on the towels and I grinned a little. She was the daughter of Cinderella, right? So she might like cleaning. Maybe I could get something out of this new roommate deal . . .

“Just once, though. I’m not going to be your servant,” she declared, reading my mind. Then she left.


With Avery gone, I decided to peek at the stuff on her side of the room. On her nightstand was a vase, a tiny teddy bear, a candle, a tiara, a flip-phone — at this I snorted, because it was so old fashioned — and a single glass slipper. On the floor was a silver trophy with an elegant horse prancing on top.


I gingerly picked up the glass shoe. Was it Cinderella’s famous glass slipper? The one she’d lost at the ball? I felt a twinge of jealousy. I didn’t have anything from my mom.


Soon I heard Avery’s high heels clicking on the floor. I set the glass slipper back on the nightstand and planted myself on my bed. Avery strolled into the room. I stayed on my bed and stared at her for awhile.

“The tour?” she reminded me.

Oh, yes. That. I stood up and began to show her around the dorm.


I started the tour on the top floor, in the bathroom.

“This is the bathroom,” I announced, waving around the space. Under my breath, I added, “But you’re obviously familiar with the bathroom.”


I marched over to a vanity and pulled a drawer open. “I have my own tiara,” I bragged, lifting the delicate pink headdress from the drawer.

“I have one, too,” Avery mentioned.

“I know,” I murmured. “It’s kind of small.” Too late, I realized that it might not have been the best idea to practically tell my roomie that I’d been snooping through her stuff. Avery didn’t seem to pick up on it, though.


I took her through the rest of the house. The spa was the next stop.


Then I showed her my side of the bedroom.


We continued to the study —


— and the living room —


— and a random little spot by the front door —


— and, finally, the table, which Avery had already set for dinner.


I sat at the table and watched as the dogs checked Avery out. “There’s a small building outside with another bathroom and a kitchen, and the pool and grill are out there too.”


Avery waved at the dogs crowding around her. “Thanks for showing me around, Briar,”  she began, smiling at me.

I hadn’t exactly had much of a choice, though, had I? If I hadn’t shown her around, she would have thought I was rude.


” . . . And I’m just so glad that we’re roommates!”

Avery must have been talking while I was thinking. I rubbed my eyes, trying to stay awake.

Avery held out her arms for a hug, but I didn’t embrace her.


I was not happy about having a roommate. Not happy at all.


 I got Ever After High Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella on the 15th! :D But I didn’t like her name, so, obviously, I renamed her.

I did a photoshoot of Avery with gorgeous lighting, and there would have been more pictures, but the camera died on me and we can’t find the charger. So until we find the charger or get a new one, I’ll have to post things from my draft section. Not a bad thing, of course, but I’m just letting you know.

Um, where was I? Oh yes, the photoshoot!







DSC_0310 - Copy



10 thoughts on “Stranger in the House

  1. One tip I have if you can’t find your camera charger is look for it at EVERY outlet in your house. I realize this may take a while, but I lost mine twice, and both times it was at a completely unexpected outlet in my house. I am also super jealous of you because you got a really pretty doll!


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