Shout Out Your Doll Site — With a 121 Followers Q&A

Hi! I’m doing a Q & A for 121 followers! Comment your questions below! Just please don’t ask any personal questions, which include (according to my mom): how old I am, when my birthday is, where I live, my full name, blah blah blah. The last day to leave questions is July 29.

DSC_0419 - Copy

OK, on to the shout out . . .

Leave a comment with your doll blog’s URL and I’ll add your blog to this post. Ready? Go!

Sites added so far:

Tenley’s site, The Sunshine Dollies

Leah M.’s site, American Girl Chick

Clara’s site, Clara’s Craft Corner

Kathleen’s site, Dolls and Dance

Mya’s site, AG Lane

Kaitlyn’s site, American Girl Place

Bella’s site, Doll Crossing

Devin’s site, Awesome AG Club

Hannah’s site, The Dolls of Texas

Jaclynn’s site, Little House of American Girl

Lilly’s site, Dollies on a Farm

Jenni’s site, Everything AG

Blue’s site, Tall Dolls

Christian Homeschooler’s site, Treasured Friendships With a Flair

RagdollCat24’s site, Coconut Studios

hnracademy’s site, Dolltastically Fun

Hope’s site, All Things Doll

Anna’s site, Dolls Weekly

American Girl Doll Artist’s site, Small Dolls in a Big World

Eve’s site, My AG World

Nikki’s site, Nikki Malt

Samantha’s site, AG Doll Awesome

Marissa’s site, Inner Star Studios

Ella’s site, It’s a Doll World Blog

Nati’s site, Vision of a Doll

Victoria’s site, AG Cupcake Lover

Liza’s site, AG Dolls and Fun

Kayla’s site, In Dollywood

51 thoughts on “Shout Out Your Doll Site — With a 121 Followers Q&A

  1. Coconut Studios
    Why did you start blogging?

    What do you do if you see a bee while you’re taking pictures and have you ever been stung by taking pictures?(Sorry… melissophobia. XD)

    What camera do you use?

    What advice would you give to starting bloggers?

    How do you come up with ideas for your photostories?


  2. 1. What doll do you plan to get next?
    2. How many AG pets do you have?
    3. Do you sew things for your dolls?
    4. What is your favorite doll blog?

    Those are my questions for now. My blog is All Things Doll!



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