Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

This is totally not related to the post, but my mom found the camera charger! *click click click click click click click click* <<< The sound of me being camera-happy.

Clara nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

So, before I get into the award . . .

I’m not very good at doing award posts. I’ve probably been nominated for about one hundred (not kidding) awards that I haven’t posted about. It’s got nothing to do with who nominated me. Just that award posts aren’t easy for me to write for some reason. But every once in awhile, I actually get around to making award posts. *thunderous applause because Loren is writing an award post*


Answer ten questions.
Leave ten questions for the nominees.
Nominate ten people.
Clara’s questions:
1. What are you currently wearing?
Jean shorts and my white “I’m a GEM!” T-shirt. I would never buy a shirt like that but it was given to me because I won something and it represents my awesomeness.
2. Favorite song?
Counting Stars by One Republic.
3. Best day of your life?
Either the day of my co-op’s musical (I had the lead role) or the day I won the T-shirt mentioned above.
4. What do you collect?
Other then dolls? Notebooks.
5. Worst day of your life?
 The day my cat Twinkle ran away.
6. What inspired the name of your blog?
I have no idea.
7. WordPress or Blogger?
8. Mountains, Beach, or someplace in between?
Um, well, I went to a state park that was beach-y and mountain-y, so that.
9. Have you ever made an ATC?
10. Did you enjoy answering the above questions?
Yeah, except for “Worst day of your life.”
Now then. I nominate . . .
I know that’s only eight blogs and I was supposed to do ten but that’s all I can think of xD
And I’m lazy so you can just answer Clara’s questions.

10 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. I totally get what you mean about awards! There’s just something about them that’s hard to get around to doing. :P
    Anyways, thanks for the nomination! I’ll try to get around to doing an awards post soon :)
    Oh, and also, for #6, you had mentioned a while back that my blog name was kinda the inspiration for yours :)


  2. Wow! You and I are a lot alike. I love the song ‘counting Stars’ and I have a bad habit of buying every cute notebook I see. 😋


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