Review: Caroline Abbott

Today I’ll be reviewing American Girl doll Caroline Abbott!

Review: Caroline Abbott

I got my Caroline in 2012, so she’s not in the best condition, but hopefully this will still be an accurate review!


Here is an overview of Caroline in her meet outfit with her accessories.


Let’s start with the doll itself.

Caroline had the classic face mold and feathered eyebrows.


She is the only doll with aquamarine eyes. Her unique eyes are what makes her stand out from all the other blonde-haired blue-eyed dolls American Girl has made.


Her hair is the worst part of her. When I got Caroline, her blonde tresses were soft and the many curls framing her face were luxurious. Unfortunately, her hair did not hold up against the test of time and has lost some of its curl and is hard to manage. If I had known how to properly care for her hair, I think she would be in better condition now. If you get Caroline, you should definitely get the Sparkly Hair Pick from American Girl!


Moving on to Caroline’s accessories.

Her straw bonnet is edged in pink ribbon, and a green, pink, and white striped ribbon ties under her chin.


Three hot pink flowers are nestled around a bow on the right side of the bonnet.


Bird’s-eye view.

American Girl doll Caroline Abbott

The bonnet fits perfectly and she looks adorable in it! No complaints here.


Her drawstring bag (also part of her accessories) is hard for her to hold. When her top is in it, it pulls the bag off her hand.


When the bag is flat, it reads, “Caroline Abbott 1812.”


The final part of her accessories set is a top. It’s real wood and actually spins!


Here is the top next to Caroline’s hand. You can see that they are about the same size.


This picture doesn’t capture the true color of her dress because she is in shadow.

Now I’ll review Caroline’s outfit!

A view of the whole outfit, top to bottom.


The dress’s neckline is edged in pink ruffles.


Around Caroline’s empire-waist dress is an elegant rose-patterned ribbon.


Her 2/3 sleeves have the same pink ruffle on them as the neckline, as well as a thin pink ribbon.


The bottom of her dress.


Her simple pink flats go with lots of outfits.


Her white stockings go up to her knees.


Her underwear — pantaloons — are plain white. They cover most of her socks.


The bottom of the pantaloons have lace on them.

I rate her 4.3 stars, because, although she is beautiful and extremely photogenic, her hair is hard to manage. I do not recommend her as a first doll or for younger kids. But if you know how to take care of curly doll hair, then by all means, get her before she is retired!

I hope if you are considering getting Caroline Abbott that this helped make up your mind.


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19 thoughts on “Review: Caroline Abbott

  1. When I read the Meet the dolls page, I read about when you got her, and I got my Caroline doll ON THE SAME EXACT DAY!!!! And same year too. :)


  2. Actually Caroline’s eyes are Sea Foam, and Marie-Graces are Aquamarine….I thought Caroline’s eyes were Aquamarine until I read it on a AG blog with the dolls eye colors! :)


  3. She is such a pretty doll. I know I won’t be getting her, though, because as you may be able to see by looking at Sadie, I am not the best with doll hair. :)
    By the way, can you imagine wearing underwear like that??


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