Small Request

I entered an ATC contest (more about that here), and I was wondering if you guys could vote for me. To vote, just go to this page, click the “Photos” button, and like my pictures. It’s on Facebook, so you might need you parents to do the liking for you ;) My pictures are all by Artist #7, but you’ll have to click through the pictures to find that information.

To make this easier for you, the picture you can currently vote for is this one:


I made it for the flower theme :)

Remember, all you have to do is like the picture on Facebook! It would make me so happy to get your votes.

UPDATE: You can actually vote for all of my cards! The other ones are:







34 thoughts on “Small Request

  1. I love the butterfly and the flower best! So, so pretty! I would so vote for you, but I don’t have a Facebook account. Sorry about that. There’s no way to vote for you from this blog? :)


    • It’s not too late for you to enter the contest! You can see how to enter by going to the first link.

      I’ve never heard of an ATC swap — what are they, exactly?


  2. Loren you have the bloggy awards for best blog photostories imagine you coming on stage what would you say to the audience who would you thank?


    • Hmm . . . um . . . well, I’d thank God for making me talented in writing. And for my speech . . . *clears throat* “And as I except the Bloggy Award for Best Blog Photostories, I’d like to thank everyone who encourages my in the comments on my blog and tells me that I’m going to be a best-selling author someday.”

      Yeah, I don’t know. I tried.

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        • *cough cough cough* “In addition to the Best Blog Photostories award, I won the Miss Click, Click: Best Blog Photoshoots award! I thank all the lovely doll-loving people out there who voted for me. I’m thankful that my mom had such a wonderful camera that she lets me use!”


        • *whispering* Now Caroline, I know writing isn’t your strong point, but people think you’re really caring and all that so you’ve gotta make a speech . . .

          “I’m Caroline Abbott from Happy House of AG. When Mom told me that I’d won the Miss “I Care” award, I was shocked! I just love on my sisters and make sure they’re all right, but I’m honored that you all cared enough about me to give me this award.”

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        • “YEAH BABY, I GOT AN AWARD! THIS IS LIKE THE DOLL OSCARS! Anyway . . . I played Venus Abbe in The BFF Wars, and it was my first major role ever. I’ve got to admit that I did a pretty amazing job. I mean, Venus is so mean, and I’m such a nice girl . . . talk about stress! I smack talked a tomato every day to get ready for my role. How was I such a good actress, you’re wondering? Sorry, that’s a secret . . . but I will tell you that it had NOTHING to do with the acting books I got out of the library!”

          Sorry about Ivy. . . She’s a bit vain -_-

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