What is She Doing?! #6

It’s time for another What is She Doing?!


This is the picture you’re going to caption. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my Ever After High dolls, the one of the left is Avery, and the one on the right is Briar.

If you don’t know how to play “What is She Doing?!,” here are the rules:

Leave a comment with one or two captions for this photo.

On September 2nd , I’ll announce the winner.

There is no prize, this is just for fun. And my amusement.

Caption away!


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13 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #6

  1. Avery: AHHH! Is that a BEE??
    Briar: Actually it’s a wasp.
    Avery: WHY ARE YOU HOLDING IT?????
    Briar: Weeell, I was trying to be Snow White – you know, singing to the animals and all that – but instead of a deer or a bird coming, this cute little wasp landed on me!
    Avery: I think it thinks your dress is a flower!!
    Wasp: Seriously, I’m not that stupid.

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  2. Avery: Ahhhh!
    Briar: How dare you be so mean to Mr. Jon!!
    Avery: That’s a bee!!!
    Briar: He is my best bee friend forever
    Bee: stings
    Briar: Ahhh! It hits it hurt get me a ice pack!
    Avery: Told you


  3. avery: Biar, are you holding a honeybee!?!
    Biar: NO, i would never do that! That’s SO dangerous.
    Avery: Oh. I Just wanted to make sure, because honeybees can sting only once before dying, while other types of bees and wasps can sting for thousands of times without dying.
    Biar: (Face went pale and pasty) Um, hold on a sec. (Run away and then return without the thing)
    Avery: What kind of bee was it? Honey bee? Bumble bee? Hornet? Mud Wasp?
    Biar: It was one of those vintage toys you find at good wills……… i don’t even want to think of the poison a stuffed bee carries, so NEVER MENTION THIS AGAIN, ok?
    Avery: Um, only alive ones can do that.
    Bair: Oh.


  4. Avery: What in the world is that Briar.
    Briar: Only my pet bee.
    Avery: Oh cool… *looks the bee in the eye*
    Briar: Oh oh don’t look it straight in the eye though it is part Meduse bee!
    Avery: ……
    Briar: Avery Avery Oh well….


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  5. Briar: Oh yes you ARE! You are da cutest wittle wasp there ever was!
    Avery: Briar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put that wasp down this INSTANT!
    Briar: Humph. You’re just scared.
    Avery: Am NOT! He was my wasp until YOU found him and took him away from me!
    Briar: *rolls eyes* Yeah right…
    Avery: I bought him for a whole DOLLAR at Walmart.
    Briar: Well Avery, seeing as you can’t drive and Loren or her mom hasn’t been to Walmart since who knows when, I am not believing you. Besides, Walmart doesn’t sell anything alive except fish and plants.
    Avery: HE’S ALIVE?!? BRIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! (Runs for the hills screaming random things about geraniums)
    Briar: Avery, you are a strange, strange little girl.

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  6. Briar: Hey, why don’t we share our greatest fears?
    Avery: I guess we could…
    Briar: You go first.
    Avery: I HATE bugs. I despise and fear them with a passion.
    Briar: I’ll be right back, I, um, left my phone in my bedroom.
    -Five minutes later-
    Avery: *screams in a loud, shrill voice*
    Briar: Ok, big mistake. Now I can’t hear.

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  7. avery:what,are you holding!????!!!!!!
    briar:its mr frank!
    briar:sigh…… avery,you just don’t understand nature!

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  8. Avery: Boo!

    Briar: *screams sarcastically* ah. Did you really expect to scare somone who is holding a huge, quite deadly bug.

    Avery: Well sorry *Avery says mimmickingly* YOU ARE A PARTY POOPER!!!!! Speaking of pooper will you excuse me a minute Briar.*leaves for the bathroom*



    • I meant to say at the second paragraph

      Avery: Well sorry * Avery says mimmickingly * YOU ARE A PARTY POOPER! !!!! *whispers* plus it’s just a bee. And speaking of pooper will you excuse me a minute Briar.hehehe


  9. Briar: Avery Avery HEEELP! I got glue on my hands and then I picked up this fluffy thing….
    Avery: briar…. Are you allergic to wasp stings?
    Briar: yeah, why?
    Avery: let me get the Benadryl……


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