American Girl Maryellen Larkin Release

American Girl Maryellen Larkin doll

Maryellen Doll, Book, & Accessories

I absolutely LOVE Maryellen! She is just so gorgeous and I love her outfit. And look at her hair! So pretty. Her accessories (bag, gloves, pearl bracelet and pearl necklace) are nice and probably very 50’s, but I’d like them better if they had more personality.

American Girl Maryellen's Pajamas

Maryellen’s Pajamas

This isn’t my favorite — the shirt is too loose, I think — but this outfit does look very good on Maryellen!

American Girl Maryellen's Sofa Bed Set

Maryellen’s Sofa Bed Set

Other than the doll itself, this is my favorite item from Maryellen’s collection! I love the color and the bright chevrons on the blanket. When it’s folded out, two dolls can fit on it — perfect for sleepover!

American Girl Maryellen's Hairstyling Set

Maryellen’s Hairstyling Set

This is cute, and I’m pretty sure that the curling things actually work! I’m glad that American Girl included the instruction sheet, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to figure out how the curlers work xD

American Girl Maryellen's Dog, Scooter

Maryellen’s Dog, Scooter

Cute! Oh my goodness, Scooter is adorable — look at those big brown eyes! :D It seems like all the BeForever and Girl of the Year dolls have dogs as pets — when will they get a cat?

American Girl Maryellen's Living Room Set

Maryellen’s Living Room Set

I love the table, there’s so much room for stuff! The lamp is really pretty, too, and according to American Girl, it really works! The poodle is kind of weird, though . . . I honestly thought it was wearing a Batman mask xD

American Girl Maryellen's Television Console

 Maryellen’s Television Console

I really like this. It just looks so vintage! But I read that the encyclopedias are stuck to the bookshelf :/

American Girl Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit

Maryellen’s Poodle Skirt Outfit

American Girl couldn’t have a 50’s doll without a poodle skirt outfit! I’m not a fan of poodle skirts (skirts in general), but even so, this outfit is really cute, and if I get Maryellen, she’ll need this set. I love the polka dot  hair tie!

American Girl Maryellen's Diner Set

Maryellen’s Diner Set

Can we take a moment to stare in awe at the Seaside Diner? This thing is perfect! I love the tiling, the stools, the little clips in the kitchen for orders . . . The whole thing is just amazing, but at $275, it’s WAY out of my price range :(

American Girl Maryellen's Jukebox

Maryellen’s Jukebox

YEAH JUKEBOXES! Can you feel the beat? Can you hear the musiiiiiic? Sorry, I got a bit carried away there ☺But seriously, this is awesome! You can hook it up to your iPod and play music! ♥ ♥ ♥

American Girl Maryellen's Birthday Dress

Maryellen’s Birthday Dress

Ooh, this is so pretty, and such a beautiful color! It looks great with Maryellen’s hair, and, and  . . . asdfghjkl

American Girl Maryellen's School Outfit

Maryellen’s School Outfit

This is adorable! Yay purple stuff! It sort of looks like she has a bow tie :) (Put you’re British accents on everybody) Bow ties are cool.

American Girl Maryellen's Classroom Set

Maryellen’s Classroom Set

Um . . . it’s OK, I guess. Nothing special. But Maryellen is in fourth grade, right? And there are flash cards with the alphabet on them. There’s something wrong with that.

American Girl Maryellen's Play Outfit

Maryellen’s Play Outfit

The first time I saw this, I though it looked Bitty Babyish (my mom helpfully pointed out that it’s very 1950’s), but now it’s growing on me! I love the capri pants.

American Girl Maryellen's Ice Skating Outfit & Accessories

Maryellen’s Ice Skating Outfit & Accessories

So Maryellen lives in Florida, and yet she has this very cute, cozy little ice skating set. It’s gorgeous, and she looks wonderful in it, but it doesn’t snow in Florida. What I’ve gathered from the book descriptions is that she wants a white Christmas, so I’m guessing she goes up north for some reason.

American Girl Maryellen's Crinoline

Maryellen’s Crinoline

Finally, there’s her crinoline, which makes all her dresses poof-y.

That’s all for Maryellen’s collection, but American Girl added things to both Josefina’s collection and the Truly Me line!

American Girl Josefina's Hairstyling Set

Josefina’s Hairstyling Set

This is my favorite BeForever hairstyling set. The little flowers really fit Josefina, because of the yellow prim roses they put in her braid :)

American Girl BeForever Josefina Mini Doll

Josefina Mini Doll

Unlike the other BeForever mini dolls, Josefina doesn’t look like she’s just seen a ghost and is actually quite pretty, which is why I bought her :)

That’s all for the BeForever line, so let’s move on to what the Truly Me dolls got! (All of the TM pictures are really small, sorry.)

American Girl Warm Winter Outfit

 Warm Winter Outfit

Love love love love ♥ This whole outfit is perfect, from the colors, the sweater’s hem, and the adorable boots! I need this!

Warm Winter Accessories

Warm Winter Accessories

This goes with the Warm Winter Outfit, and I have the same reaction — this is amazing!

Playful Polar Bear Pajamas

Playful Polar Bear Pajamas

This is adorable; I love the stocking-style boots. It looks similar to the blue polar bear pajamas American Girl did awhile back, though.

Gorgeous Gold Outfit

Gorgeous Gold Outfit

I really like the cream color and high-low pattern of this dress. The gold flower clip is a nice touch.

Joyful Jewels Outfit

Joyful Jewels Outfit

This reminds me of the Rosy Red holiday dress from a few years back, but I can’t say this outfit isn’t pretty! American Girl must be running low on ideas for their holiday dresses.

Holiday Accessories

Holiday Accessories

The black shrug has been done, but the ring and snow globe are cute! I’d consider getting this if it weren’t $32 :/

Sparkle Spotlight Outfit

Sparkle Spotlight Outfit

As its name suggested, this outfit is very sparkly! I really like this outfit, especially the shoes and sequined peter pan collar! Until November 5th, if you buy this outfit along with a Truly Me instrument set, you save five dollars.

Cool Coral Outfit

Cool Coral Outfit

The leggings are my favorite part of this outfit. I might get it!

2-in-1 Gymnastics Outfit

2-in-1 Gymnastics Outfit

Yet another gymnastics outfit. My favorite part is the tank top. I don’t know why American Girl puts little white slippers in all of their gymnastics sets — I’ve never seen anyone do gymnastics in slippers.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Outfit

Rhythmic Gymnastics Outfit

The leotard is pretty, but the set is basically just McKenna’s Rhythmic Gymnastic Outfit.

Cozy Christmas Scene

Cozy Christmas Scene

I bet this will sell well — who couldn’t want a cute Christmas scene to pose her dolls in front of?

Music & Movies Entertainment Set

I love this thing soooooo much! You can change the channel by swapping out the paper in the TV, and there’s a karaoke game and microphone and a Grace DVD :) You can even put the DVDs in the player and eject them! This set looks EPIC, and I would totally buy it if it weren’t 85 bucks.

Comfy Couch

Comfy Couch

Yes, a couch! The pillows are reversible and there’s a tray that fits on the couch arm.

Movie Popcorn Machine

Movie Popcorn Machine

This thing is pretty cool. If I had it, I would probably make a carnival for my dolls and they would sell popcorn :)

That’s about everything. As I said, I absolutely l-o-v-e Maryellen, but I don’t have the money for her yet :( If I did have her, you could expect a review (with lots of positive things to say, I’m sure!), lots of photoshoots, and I’d love to show her to my grandmother, who was a young girl in the 1950’s.

Will you be buying Maryellen?



19 thoughts on “American Girl Maryellen Larkin Release

  1. I love Maryellen! She is so pretty! Great job on reviewing! I have a really silly question, how do you post picture on wordpress? Sorry, I just don’t know. I tried clicking media, but it doesn’t do anything!


    • Once you click the Add Media button, it will take you to the Media Library, where all the pictures you’ve upload are displayed. To upload new pictures, just click the Upload Files button, then Select Files. Pick the photo you want to add to your post, wait for it to load, and then press Insert Into Post. Hope this helps!


  2. She is really pretty! But, I don’t need any more dolls, so I won’t be purchasing her :). Great post, BTW! (I would still like to talk about a guest post swap…)


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