Tip-Top or Fashion Flop?

I love the Hit or Miss game Emma does on her blog, so I’m doing something like it. I’ll show you an outfit cobbled together from different sets, and it’s up to you to decide whether the outfit is tip-top (good) or a fashion flop (bad).


Here’s the outfit! My mom says it looks like something from the grunge trend :)

It consists of:

Hat: True Spirit Accessories

Shirt: Saige’s Pajamas

Shorts: Saige’s Pajamas

Leggings: Springfield outfit

Shoes: Grace’s Meet Outfit

If you like the look of this outfit, comment “tip-top!” If you think it’s lacking in the stylish department, comment “fashion flop.” I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!



41 thoughts on “Tip-Top or Fashion Flop?

  1. Honestly it looks like a combination of trends from the boxers worn as shorts in the late 80s (over leggings or running tights) and the beginning of grunge in the 90s with the popular slouchy hats of today.

    I can see the pink from the hat is picked up in the design on the shirt and in the pattern of the shorts. While the leggings, shirt, boots lean toward a more neutral.

    It looks very comfy and I’d wear it around the house or for a sleepovers – for that it is tip top. Not sure I’d wear it shopping – at the mall it might e a fashion fail.

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  5. Fashion Flop! The mix and match is not great with this. If there had been a skirt instead of shorts or had been no shorts and a long, loose t-shirt, it might have had a chance.


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