Reminder — the AG Fan Meet-up Begins Tomorrow!

AG Fan Meet-up 2015 poster

The AG Fan Meet-up 2015 begins tomorrow, September 7th. In case you missed my first post about it, I’ll be giving a refresher course today :)

Here’s what you need to know:

When: September 7-11.

Where: wherever you are!

Why: so you can meet other American Girl fans in your area.

How do we find you: There will be a specific color of shirt that you should wear each day. For example, Monday you’d wear blue, Tuesday you’d wear red, etc. Please draw a star on your hand and, if available, wear jewelry with stars on it.

Keep an eye out for similarly dressed girls at your school and around town. If you see a girl dressed like you, say hello! Chances are, she’ll be an American Girl fan just like you.

Another way we can find each other is if we go to the same store on the same day. For example, Monday you’d go to Michael’s, Tuesday you’d go to the Our Generation section at Target, etc. Homeschoolers, if you go to the stores after school lets out for the day, you’ll have a better chance of meeting someone. Also, many of you said that you don’t live close to the stores I picked. Just because you can’t go to the stores doesn’t mean you can’t participate! Wear the shirt colors, and if it fits your schedule, go to the stores if it’s convenient.

Here are the shirt colors and stores for each day:

Monday: wear blue and go to Michael’s.

Tuesday: wear red and go to Target.

Wednesday: wear purple and go to Claire’s .

Thursday: wear white and go to the library.

Friday: wear orange and go to Chick-fil-A.

Please comment if you can attend. I’d love to know!



7 thoughts on “Reminder — the AG Fan Meet-up Begins Tomorrow!

    • I’m so glad that you’ll be attending! If you don’t have some of the shirt colors, just make sure that if you see a girl wearing the right color with a star on her hand that you approach her!


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