Day Three of the AG Fan Meet-up


It’s the third day of the AG Fan Meet-up, and that means that we’ll be wearing a new shirt color and going to a new store. Remember to draw a star on your hand and wear star jewelry!

Wear purple and go to Claire’s.


I’ll be wearing a purple-y pinkish V-neck shirt and a double-strand star necklace. I might be getting my ears pierced today . . . :D

So, has anyone meet a fellow fan yet? I didn’t, but that’s OK, because we’ve still got the rest of the week to meet someone!



18 thoughts on “Day Three of the AG Fan Meet-up

  1. I sure wish I could participate, but… Sadly, I don’t go out into town much, since it’s so far away. Oh! And, we (swapshop) sent your mom an email about your prize. Just thought I would let you know just in case if your mom doesn’t check email much :).


  2. Meh I wanna meet more AGTubers XD My friend like AGs but she doesn’t make videos.

    AGTuber Problem: Wanting to meet other people but not wanting to give away your location. XD


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