Infinity Dreams Award

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Hannah nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award! Thank you!

Salted or unsalted peanuts?

I actually don’t really like peanuts, so . . .

Flat or pop up stickers?

Stickers leave sticky residue all over the place! My poor sticker-covered door . . . *sobbing* Um . . . flat stickers.

What is the worst part about receiving this award?

Freezing while writing this post. It’s my fault, actually — I left the front door open and the house got really cold.

Butterflies or dragonflies?

Dragonflies. I mean, they’ve got the word dragon in their name!

What gets on your nerves the most?

I wrote a post last month on my personal blog about my pet peeves. You can see it here.

Would you rather be really hot or freezing?

Whenever someone asks me this question (which is quite frequently, surprisingly), I always say freezing. In my experience, it’s easier to get warm than it is to cool down.

Are you a morning person?

Ha! Only on Christmas and on Fridays, when I have to get up at like 7:00 so I can go to co-op.

Would you rather model clothes or design them?

Can I be the photographer instead?

Facebook or Instagram?

I don’t have an account on either of those, so neither. But Instagram seems to have more of a purpose (that’s probably just because I love photography).

Do you like taking photos of dolls, flowers, or animals?

Dolls! Second is animals, but my cat Boo never cooperates when I’m trying to take her picture xD

Do you like seeing beaches or sunsets?

How about sunsets at beaches? ;D

OK, so I thought of a cool way to pick nominations. You would ask a question (is your favorite color blue, do you like macaroni pizza, etc.) and if your readers answer “yes,” then they can do the award!

Here we go . . .

Are you a cat person?

So if you’re a cat person, consider yourself nominated!



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