What is She Doing?! #7

I know how much you guys like What is She Doing ;)


Here’s the picture you’re going to caption. MJ is standing in the car, Tracy is beside her, and Tracy’s dog, Chocolate Chip, is behind them.

If you don’t know how to play “What is She Doing?!,” here are the rules:

Leave a comment with one or two captions for this photo.

On September 29th , I’ll announce the winner.

There is no prize, this is just for fun. And my amusement.

Caption away!



14 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #7

  1. MJ: Hi Tracy!
    Tracy: What are you doing? MJ, the barbies are going to KILL you if they find out what you’re doing!
    MJ: I couldn’t find my skateboard, so I’m using this!
    Tracy: Well, since you can’t find your skateboard, use Caroline’s, or use Isabelle’s.
    MJ: I couldn’t find theirs either! *MJ and Tracy start arguing*
    Chocolate Chip: Yum, I love the taste of crunchy skateboard wheels.


  2. Tracy: steady now MJ!
    MJ: Uh, Tracy! You really don’t have to teach me to ride in the car standing up.
    Tracy: no, I insist! I think I should share my amazing talents with other people even if they are not near so talented as I am.
    MJ: You are right. I am utterly talentless. I should just give it up.
    Tracy. No. You are not utterly talentless, just pretty close.
    (MJ fakes a fall)
    Tracy: See? You aren’t talentless! That was a perfect fake fall!
    MJ: Chocolate Chip! bite her!
    (MJ runs off)


  3. Chocolate Chip: *pushes little car*
    MJ: WOAH AHH!!
    Tracy: I’ll save you!!
    MJ: *grabs tracy’s hand* Thanks Tracy
    Tracy: Your Welcome!! *lets go of MJ’s hand*
    MJ: TRACY!!!
    Chocolate Chip: *thinks* Wow this is better than the cat in the cardboard box. :D
    Tracy: *gets out phone**snaps picture* This is going on every social media site.
    MJ: Don’t you dare *tries to stop car*
    Tracy: *clicks send*
    MJ: You gets out of the car. RAHHHHH!!!!
    Tracy: *runs* Time to go
    Chocolate Chip: Someone take me outside

    That was probably to long! :) LOL
    Have a Great Day


  4. Tracy: Careful, careful!
    MJ: I’ve got it, let me try by myself.
    Tracy: You’d better hurry up and give me a turn, before Saige notices her dolls’ car is missing.
    MJ: Ok, just give me a second. I just figured out that is you put one foot on the steering wheel and the other foot on the passenger seat, it’s easier to steer!
    Tracy: Great!! Can I have it now?
    MJ: OK, ok
    (In the next room)
    Chocolate Chip: *bark bark bark bark*
    Saige: They’re doing what?
    Chocolate Chip: *bark bark*
    Saige: My doll car!!!!??? Why are they playing with my doll car?!
    (Storms out of the room and finds MJ and Tracy)
    Saige: What in the world are you doing?
    Tracy: It was her idea!
    MJ: Whaaaaaat???


  5. MJ: Yeah, I think I’m a little big for this car. Or the car’s a little too small for me.
    Tracy: But it’s a convertible! Let’s just push a little more…(tries to shove MJ into car)
    MJ: (winces) You’re cutting off my circulation, Tracy!!
    Tracy: (shoves more) Yay! You’re finally in!
    MJ: (grunts and car explodes) Ahhhh…that’s better.
    Tracy: MJ!!!
    Chocolate Chip: (barks wildly)
    Tracy: (turns around) The Barbies are coming! You’re on you own, MJ! (takes off)



  6. MJ: And the amazing MJ parades down the street on her newest invention, the car-skate! Fans line the street for miles to watch the debut of this soon-to-be famous transportation device.
    Tracy: I don’t see any fans.
    MJ: (in a whisper) Uh, Tracy, you and Chocolate Chip can be the fans. Act like you’re excited.
    Tracy: Wooh wooh! I have a crazy lady for a sister! Boy am I excited!
    Chocolate Chip: I just wanted a ride…


  7. MJ, Hum dee hum, just riding my barbicarbord.
    Tracy, what on earth are you doing? What’s a barbiecarboard?
    MJ, not Barbiecarboard, barbicarbord. It’s my new invention- a skate board made out of the Barbie car.
    Tracy, OMG, you seriously have a future in inventing!!! This is even better then the MJerator!
    MJ, of course it is! I made the MJaretor when I was first starting out- kids stuff, really! The barbicarbord will be the next big craze!
    Chocolate chip: we can only hope…

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  8. Vroooom……..
    MJ: TRACY!!!!! Hold me.
    Tracy: Okay?
    MJ: Okay, now turn on the car
    Chocolate Chip: *walks in and tilts head* Mmmm??
    Tracy : Okay, now what?
    MJ: Now you can …*car starts to drive away with MJ* Oooh watch me, watch me, *MJ’s head is down to the back of her feet* Oooh, ooh, oooooh, ohhhh.*MJ bonks her head on the back of the car* Ow, ow, ow
    Tracy: *whispers* Now do the bonk your head, (bonk) now do the bonk your head, (bonk)

    P.S. the last part is in the tune of watch me


  9. MJ: Tracy, I don’t think this is a good idea.
    Tracy: Oh come on, don’t be a chicken butt. This will be fun!
    MJ: Okay, are you sure?
    Tracy: Trust me!
    MJ: Okay, okay!
    Chocolate Chip: Woof!
    MJ: Stop barking Chocolate Chip! You are going to distract me and make me fa-all! (fell down)
    Tracy: Uh oh…are you okay MJ?
    MJ: Yeah, I think so. I am not doing that.
    Tracy: Yeah, you don’t have good balance.
    Chocolate Chip: Woof!



  10. Tracy: Guess what?
    MJ: What?
    Tracy: Caroline just took some chocolate chip cookies out of the oven!
    MJ: Sweet. Are we going to get some?
    Tracy: That’s why I’m telling you. Caroline left for a minute and everyone’s trying to get some.
    MJ: Well, let’s go!
    Tracy: Here, step in this car. I’ll sling you and you can get us some.
    MJ: Okay….
    Tracy: On three, two, one, go!
    MJ arrives in the kitchen to find the cookies on the floor being eaten by a certain brown dog.
    Everyone: Chocolate Chip!! Bad dog.


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