What is She Doing?! #7 — WINNERS


Are you ready to learn the winners of What is She Doing?!

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes . . .

You guys have to say it aloud, you know. You could whisper “yes,” or you could SHOUT it, depending on your level of enthusiasm.

OK, are you ready? On three.

One . . . Two . . . Three!

Ah, much better. You did splendidly.

Anyway, the winners of this WISD are . . .










Allison and Devin!


MJ: And the amazing MJ parades down the street on her newest invention, the car-skate! Fans line the street for miles to watch the debut of this soon-to-be famous transportation device.
Tracy: I don’t see any fans.
MJ: (in a whisper) Uh, Tracy, you and Chocolate Chip can be the fans. Act like you’re excited.
Tracy: Wooh wooh! I have a crazy lady for a sister! Boy am I excited!
Chocolate Chip: I just wanted a ride . . .


MJ: Yeah, I think I’m a little big for this car. Or the car’s a little too small for me.
Tracy: But it’s a convertible! Let’s just push a little more . . . (tries to shove MJ into car)
MJ: (winces) You’re cutting off my circulation, Tracy!!
Tracy: (shoves more) Yay! You’re finally in!
MJ: (grunts and car explodes) Ahhhh . . . that’s better.
Tracy: MJ!!!
Chocolate Chip: (barks wildly)
Tracy: (turns around) The Barbies are coming! You’re on you own, MJ! (takes off)

Congratulations, guys! All of your captions were awesome.

Have a great day!



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