Nevaeh’s Profile

Hi, guys!

I completed Nevaeh’s profile, so here it is:

Americna Girl doll Truly Me #24

I bought Nevaeh at the American Girl Place when I went to D.C. with my family for a trip.

Name: Nevaeh Allison Taylor

Age: 12

Nickname(s): Vaeh, T Swift

Date Received: October 12, 2015

Type: Truly Me #24

Birthday: December 6

Allergies: None

Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, gardening, hiding in the ferns, listening to the radio, making jewelry, horseback riding.

Personality: Introvert, shy, generous, observant, resourceful.

Awesome Fact: I used to live on a farm in West Virginia.

Random Fact: I love fairytales.

Pet(s): Lyric, a Siamese cat.

Fave Animal(s): Birds. Although my favorites are owls, seagulls, hummingbirds, robins, and chickadees.

Fave Food(s): Potato candy.

Fave Color(s): Honey, mint, periwinkle, and watermelon.


P.S. 300 posts!!! *party noises* *Owl City music* *lots of soda being chugged* *ducks because hyper guests like throwing stuff*


38 thoughts on “Nevaeh’s Profile

  1. YOU GOT A NEW DOLL?! That’s awesome :). I love her name, too! She seems to be a great girl :). I can’t wait to see more posts with her!! Also, congrats on THREE HUNDRED posts!!! I just posted my 30th xD. That’s a biiiig difference!!


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