Review of Truly Me #24

Review of American Girl doll Truly Me #24

I’ve put together a review of American Girl doll Truly Me #24! Let’s get started, shall we?

American Girl Truly Me #24 close-up

Truly Me#24 has the classic face mold, line eyebrows, brown pinwheel eyes, and the standard freckle pattern.

Truly Me #24-hair1

She had blonde hair that goes down to her elbows. It curls quite nicely, but the hair in the back of the wig doesn’t hold the curls as well as the front.

Truly Me #24-hair2

I have been told by several readers who own #24 that if you brush her hair with the normal American Girl hairbrush, her curls will straighten out and won’t curl again. If you buy this doll, make sure to get American Girl’s Sparkly Hair Pick, too!

Truly Me #24-hair3

Her hair is parted on her left, and while it is blonde, it is an entirely different shade from Caroline Abbott’s.

American Girl Caroline Abbott

Caroline, who is shown in the photo above, has much lighter hair than #24.

American Girl Truly Me #24

#24’s hair is more on the dirty blonde side. It’s quite easy to take care of; a girl of eight or nine could probably manage her hair just fine with American Girl’s Sparkly Hair Pick.

American Girl Truly Me dress

Next, I’ll review her outfit!

She comes in the standard Truly Me uniform: a lilac dress and and blue shoes.

Truly Me dress

On the bottom of the dress is a metal tag that says “American Girl.” It seems that AG has started putting metal tags on all of their Truly Me clothing instead of the old fabric ones.

Truly Me dress -- neckline

At the top of the dress, a pinker shade of lilac tulle goes all the way around the neckline. A few sequins are sewn onto the tulle.


Near the left sleeve are three stars of varying sizes, embroidered in blue.

Truly Me dress sleeves

The sleeves themselves are 2/3 length.

Truly Me dress belt

Around the waist of the dress in an attached gray belt.

Truly Me dress close up

There are sparkly silver threads mixed into the belt’s weave.

Truly Me dress hem

At the bottom of the dress are two layers of tulle: the bottom one gray, the other lilac, with sequins.

Truly Me dress -- bottom

The dress goes down to just above her knees — a little short, if you ask me, but I think it’s still pretty cute.

Truly Me shoes

Her shoes are simple blue flats with sparkly silver dots on the toe. They are very easy to get on and off.

Truly Me doll underwear

(Poor Nevaeh . . . bet she never expected to model her underwear . . .)

She comes with pink/lilac underwear with white trim.

I give the doll itself five stars — I don’t have a single complaint! She has such a sweet face and gorgeous, silky blonde hair. The dress, on the other hand, gets a four, as it’s a bit lacking. It’s well-made, but the colors don’t all come together.

If you are considering buying Truly Me #24, I hope this helped you make up your mind!


P.S. I’ve been getting a lot of comments asking when the next part of the TSO will be posted. Guys, I’m really sorry I haven’t posted that yet. I’m going to take the pictures soon.


20 thoughts on “Review of Truly Me #24

    • Thanks! She is really cute. :) Do you think it’s the freckles that make her stand out? I didn’t like her the first time I saw her, either — the way American Girl styled her hair in their pictures really put me off.


  1. I love the review. Her hair is so pretty and I think her dress is perfect! I really want a truly me doll. I don’t have an AG doll and I would LOVE one! I’m really into dolls right now. I’m hoping to get another OG doll soon! The pictures were great!


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