Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award (3)

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I’ve been nominated for this award for the FIFTH time! Wow! I have Our American Girl Dollhouse and Maddi from God’s Bright Light  to thank this time :)

Maddi’s questions:

What is your fave animal?

Cats, foxes, and horses.

Flip flops, sneakers, or boots?

Sneakers, all the way!

Fave season?

I love autumn and winter ♥

Fave holiday?

Christmas! Totally my favorite holiday. All the snow, lights, food, presents, and family . . . it’s perfect :)

Fave movie?

School of Rock or How to Train Your Dragon.

Fave song?

Um . . . Counting Stars by One Republic or Galaxies by Owl City.

Fave singer?

Adam Young!

Fave Disney Princess?

I’m gonna have to say Merida or Elsa.

Dresses, skirts, or pants?

Pants. I’ve never liked skirts or dresses and I hope I never will.

Fave store?

Barnes & Noble. ‘Nuff said. It makes my little fangirl heart all giddy.

Our American Girl Dollhouse’s questions:

 What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I really love meeting so many other girls who share the same hobbies as I do.

Who is your favorite AG blogger and AG Youtuber?

I can’t answer the first one (too many great bloggers!) but my favorite AG Youtubers are Girl of the Year Studios and WackyWafflez.
Who is your favorite American Girl doll that you don’t have?

Um . . . probably Sonali Matthews.

What would you change about American Girl?

That’s a no-brainer — I’d lower their prices.

BeForever/Historical or Modern AG dolls?


 Your top five hobbies?

Reading, writing, blogging, photography, and soccer.

Do you make stopmotions? If not, would you like to?

I have tried more than once to make a stopmotion, and only succeed once in making a very short video. I’d love to be able to make  good stopmotions some day, but for now, I think I’ll just stick to blogging.

Do you plan on getting another doll? If so, which one?

Yeah, totally! The next doll I want to get is Maryellen Larkin.

 Who is your favorite GOTY and why?

Can’t . . . pick . . .
Which is better for furniture and accessories: Our Generation or American Girl?

Our Generation, I guess. Their prices are reasonable.

Thanks again, girls!


Nominees, here are your questions:

What is your fave animal?

Flip flops, sneakers, or boots?

Fave season?

Fave holiday?

Fave movie?

Fave song?

Fave singer?

Fave Disney Princess?

Dresses, skirts, or pants?

Fave store?


I nominate anyone who loves Netflix!



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