Pranks and Pumpkins


NaNoWriMo is good, thanks for asking. I’ve written 3,579 words so far :)

Anyway, I made a photostory for you all to enjoy!


I was strolling home from gymnastics class one afternoon when I spotted a huge pile of leaves just off the path. Curious, I stepped off the sidewalk and approached it. Tapping the mound of leaves, I decided that it felt normal. I selected a leaf from the top and licked it. Tasted normal enough. Next, I sniffed it. Smelled like autumn. Someone must have randomly decided to make a leaf pile beside the road.


As I was turning around to continue my journey towards home, two hands shot out of the leaves and grabbed my ankles.

Help!” I screamed, jumping away from the hands.

Muffled laughter came from the pile.


The mound exploded, revealing Tracy and MJ, who were lying on the leaves and laughing so hard they could barely breathe.

“We got you so badly!” Tracy crowed, slapping her knee.

MJ was laughing too hard to say anything.

“Ha, ha, very funny,” I growled, putting my hands on my hips. I wouldn’t admit it, but the prank was pretty hilarious.


“Hey, Ivy, want to join us?” MJ asked when she could speak again. “We’ll build a larger pile of leaves and prank someone else.”

It sounded so fun, I finally gave in. Eagerly, giggling the whole time, we raked up a heap of fallen leaves at least two times our height. We scramble up the side and made a crater in the top where we could hide while we waited for a victim to walk by.


Worming down into the leaves, we speculated about who would wander by next and how they would react. Caroline would probably scold us for pranking her. Savannah and Emily would join us. Some would probably cry. Others would run away, squealing.


Soon, we heard someone plodding along on the sidewalk. We hastily stuck leaves on top of our heads to hide ourselves from our victim. Through the leaves, I spotted Saige — she was wearing black boots, sunglasses, a super-short orange dress, and a cropped black jacket.

“Get ready, guys,” I whispered to my sisters.


The leaves crackled as we prepared to launch ourselves at Saige. The second she was in range, we pushed our hands through the plants and waved them at her, moaning like zombies.

She shrieked and fell to the ground.

Tracy, MJ, and I cracked up, howling with laughter.


We dug ourselves out of the pile, pointing at Saige and drawing short, giggling breaths.

Saige was furious. “You guys are so immature! See this dress — you could have ruined it! I just bought it, too. You almost destroyed something amazing!”


I abruptly stopped laughing and stood up. “Gosh, Saige, we were just having some fun,” I said. “Chill.”

She turned on her heel and huffed, “I’m going home. I must keep this dress out of reach of you pranksters. Plus, I’m busy — there are pumpkins to carve!” Saige stormed down the sidewalk.


The “pranksters” and I glanced at each other.


We sprinted all the way home.


When we arrived at our house, we were delighted to find five adorable pumpkins sitting on our back porch. I was all too happy to whip out my iPhone and take pictures of my sisters posing with the gourds!


MJ sat on them like they were lowly vegetables.


Tracy treated them like armrests.


Saige . . . uh . . . sat there . . .


MJ took my picture, because she was the only one I trusted to handle my phone with care :)



Loren took a picture of all of us together!


What’s your favorite thing about autumn?



44 thoughts on “Pranks and Pumpkins

  1. Love this!! MJ looks great w/the fall colors. <3. My favorite thing about autumn is……….the treats!! :P
    Congrats on 3,579 words!! :!: :!: :)

    -Ms. AGdoll. :mrgreen:


  2. my favorite thing about fall is my birthday!!! in fact me, my Mom, Sister, and Dad, and Brother are going to the AG place to get a new doll!!!!


  3. Cute!:D
    Hey, I just found out today that everyone who reaches their word count will get 5 FREE COPIES of their novel PUBLISHED!!! Can you believe that!?!!!! It’s only 5 copies, but still!! We just might be authoresses after all!:D I’M SO EXCITED!! BTW, you’re doing amazing!:)

    Liked by 2 people

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