Name That Doll: Truly Me #42 — Voting

So . . . I would have posted this yesterday, but between church, throwing knives, my very persistent brother and an unwavering mom, that just didn’t happen.

American Girl doll Truly Me #42

But out of the names that you all suggested, I’ve picked six of my favorites. Now it’s up to you to vote for the ultimate favorite and decide what Truly Me #42’s name should be!

Here are the names you can vote for:

  1. Rey
  2. Piper
  3. Everest
  4. Samara
  5. Sydney
  6. Demitria

Comment your favorite name, and on November 20, I’ll announce the winner.

Get commenting!


P.S. I’ve written 8209 words for my novel so far, but I only have fourteen more days to reach my word count goal of 15,000! *chews finger nails and eats dark chocolate*


60 thoughts on “Name That Doll: Truly Me #42 — Voting

  1. Piper! Also, go Loren! I changed my word goal to 10,000, but I have not written more than 42 words this week, so I am going to have to try try and try to come up with some ides for my novel, because I am stuck!


    • Good luck! I’m in the same position. 0.0
      I have a tip for that might come in handy though:
      A) You don’t have to just write one novel. I’m writing two-ish, but I’m also writing some scripts and whatnot for other things I’m in.
      B) If you just want to write one thing, put your characters in the wackiest situations possible. Does your MC hate heights? Make her ride in a hot air balloon and then have it break so she has to go skydiving. What is your MC’s dream vacation spot? Have her visit. How do the characters react to the scenes you wrote? The wackier, more imaginative, and silly your scenes are, the more inspiration you’ll get (though your characters might hate you). You don’t even have to actually put them in the book. Just keep them in a separate Word doc or whatever you use, and read them when you need inspiration.

      Hope this helps!


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