Review: Olivia Wear’s Red Elsa Dress

American Girl Ivy in #OliviaWear dress

Hello, lovelies! Today I have a review of a fabulous dress from Olivia Wear.

American Girl Ivy in #OliviaWear Elsa dress

It’s from their Frozen collection, and is the Queen Elsa Sparkle Shiny Dress, in the red color. You can also buy it in green or blue for $11.99 (usually $14.99).

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - skirt

The skirt feels sort of satiny, and the stitching on the hem is perfectly even.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - skirt

It cuts off at the knee.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - top

The fabric that the sweetheart top is made of is covered in red sequins. They are stuck to the fabric extremely well, and I don’t foresee them coming off anytime soon.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - top

The sequined fabric comes down toward the skirt in a point.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - sleeve

The sleeves (and part of the top) are made out of a thin, shimmery fabric.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - sleeve

The end of the sleeves are sort of slanted forward, which I think is really cool.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - collar

The collar is designed like a mock turtleneck.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - cape

One of my favorite parts of the dress is the awesome cape. It’s quite long, and is made out of the same material as the sleeves, just in a yellow color.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - cape color

This photo shows the cape’s color.

#OliviaWear Red Elsa dress - cape

Olivia Wear thought about the difficulties of putting a doll into a dress that has a cape attached to it, and helpfully cut a slit in the cape. The slit lines up with the dress’s velcro closure. When you pull apart the velcro to place your doll in the dress, the cape will open as well, so you don’t have to worry about your doll getting stuck on it.

American Girl Ivy in #OliviaWear Red Elsa dress

This Olivia Wear dress is made incredibly well, and I can think of several different ways your American Girl doll could wear it: as Queen Elsa with fire powers, a rock star, or even a villain with a flashy style.

American Girl doll Ivy in #OliviaWear Red Elsa dress

I totally recommend this dress. I rate it five stars out of five — I don’t have a single complaint! It’s well made and easy to put your doll into.

Buy the dress here, at #3 FROZEN COLLECTION Queen Elsa Sparkle Shiny Dress — RED.

Make sure you look around at all of the cute dresses Olivia Wear has to offer!

 I was sent this dress by the owner of Olivia Wear in exchange for a review.

Shoes are part of my own collection.



40 thoughts on “Review: Olivia Wear’s Red Elsa Dress

    • Thank you! I’m amazed at how much I’ve been able to write.

      Don’t stress it — you’re doing an amazing job. *singing in a Dori voice* Just keep writing, just keep writing . . . What do we do? We write, write, write . . .

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  1. Wow, Ivy looks stunning in that outfit! It would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T for a photo-story. The cape is so cool! And….yay! Another review! :D

    ~Ms. AGdoll~

    P.S. WOW that a doll clothes company sent you a doll outfit to review! Has that ever happened before?

    P.S.S. Every time I see a review on here it makes me want whatever is being reviewed…….:lol: :lol:


  2. Ivy looks stunning in that dress! I personally would have bought the blue one, but I do like this one! It would be perfect for perhaps an ancient witch or maybe the daughter of the Wicked Witch Of The East. I recently was in a play about Conflict resolution in Oz; I was cast as one of the three main rolls: the munckin. The Wicked Witch of the East had quite the extravagant costume: A cardboard house that covered her entire front section of her body! It was really cool to see how her family worked together to create it. :)


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