Flashback — November 2014


(Sorry, I recently watched an old and hilarious video my brother made with his best friends, and one reoccurring line in it was YOLO :P)

I’m starting a new tradition on my blog: flashback posts. In theory, near the end of each month, I would look through the archives of that same month, but from the previous year. (Make sense? No, I didn’t think so . . .)

Anyway, I scrolled through the November 2014 archives. Now I’m going to share a link to each post I read.

Flashback — November 2014

Hi. Happy House of AG

So, first up was a post called Hi, where I said a bunch of depressing stuff that made you all comment about how much I mean to you. Thanks for those comments, guys. <3

School Pictures. Happy House of AG

School Pictures! The dolls . . . shared their school pictures. Yeah.

Elven Hairstyle. Happy House of AG

Elven Hairstyle. Isabelle shows how to look like an elf from Lord of the Rings!

This is Not a Post. Happy House of AG

This is Not a Post. Something that is, in fact, a post. I announced The BFF Wars.

Happy House of AG

The Story of How I Came to Love Breakfast (AKA Yum!) Isabelle tries real breakfast for the first time EVER.

Happy House of AG

=D. <– See. Do you see? It is a smiley face. Click on it, it’s good for you.

I Won't Give Up ~ an AGPS. Happy House of AG

I Won’t Give Up ~ an AGPS. Pretty pictures of Izzy in the snow, along with the lyrics to Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up. (Come on, snow, it’s almost December. Where are you?) In that post, I was freaking out because 57 FOLLOWERS (which was a big deal). Now I get to say, 152 FOLLOWERS?! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE LIKE THANKS GUYS YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME. THANKS.

The BFF Wars. Happy House of AG

The BFF Wars — Part 1. I started my hit series. Yay me! You can see the whole series here: The BFF Wars.

The BFF Wars. Happy House of AG

The BFF Wars — Part 2.

Thanksgiving Fun. Happy House of AG

Thanksgiving Fun. This is where the Thanksgiving Tradition started.

The BFF Wars. Happy House of AG

The BFF Wars — Part 3.

Audition Day. Happy House of AG

Audition Day. I’m hoping to do this series this year — if it snows, that is. *glares at the oddly warm weather*

What is She Doing?! Happy House of AG

What is She Doing?! #3 Do you like seeing Ivy stuck in an M&Ms bag? Do you like seeing a yelling Caroline in Victorian clothes? If so, go read that WISD post!

The BFF Wars. Happy House of AG

The BFF Wars — Part 4. Go see our lovable heroes, Tori and Charlotte, try to do hair in the first challenge of The BFF Wars.

Victorian Beauties. Happy House of AG

Victorian Beauties ~ Part 4. Aw, look, Rosilia Knight has encountered a cute little ghost!

What do you think of the Flashback posts?

Peace out.



30 thoughts on “Flashback — November 2014

  1. I loved this post! Great idea. The BFF Wars is AMAZING. And Victorian Beauties! And that photoshoot of Isabelle in the snow! And. and Thanksgiving Fun! And…OK, I’ll stop now. :)

    ~Ms. AGdoll~

    P.S Congrats on 152 followers!


  2. I thought about doing something kinda sorta similar, except I would make a post from pictures I took a long time ago but never posted about. By the way, I loved BFF wars! It would be fun if you could do something sort of like it where they had a contest or something!


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