#12DaysTogether + Photoshoot of Emily

American Girl #12DaysTogether

Hey! If you didn’t know already, American Girl is doing what they call #12DaysTogether, where for twelve days, they will put certain items on sale for that day only. Yesterday it was the Winter Warm Outfit and Accessories — today it’s horse stuff!

Let’s take a look at “Gifts to Gallop For” . . .

American Girl Stable & Supplies

Stable & Supplies — was $110, now $77.

American Girl Prancing Horse

Prancing Horse — was $98, now $69.

American Girl Saddle & Award Set

Saddle & Award Set — was $38, now $27.

American Girl Western Plaid Outfit

Western Plaid Outfit — was $30, now $21.

American Girl Sunshine Gardening Bench

Sunshine Gardening Bench — was $68, now $48.

^^Pictures from AmericanGirl.com^^

Now then, onto the photoshoot of Emily! I took these pictures back at the beginning of Camp Doll Diaries, so that’s why they aren’t my best photos. I’ve improved greatly since then! Anyway, enjoy. :)












Make sure to check out my post about Creating Worlds Writing Camp, and spread the word!


P.S. 155 followers?! Thank you SO much!


24 thoughts on “#12DaysTogether + Photoshoot of Emily

  1. Lovely photos! They aren’t bad at all. :) 155 followers is awesome! I can see why your blog is such a success, the content is unique and creative. :)


  2. Cool! Are you going to be buying anything? ;)

    Emily is so photogenic! I especially like the 10th picture.

    ~Ms. AGdoll~

    P.S. Now it’s snowing here, too! Emily looks so pretty with snow falling around her. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, I’m broke. :P I’m just hoping my mom will buy me some AG stuff for Christmas!

      She is, isn’t she? I really like that one, too.


      P.S. I may have become a *bit* obsessed with the snow. ☺ But only because it hasn’t snowed where I live yet.


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