18″ GOTY Lea Clark — LEAKED

Guys, the 18″ Lea Clark doll has been leaked!

American Girl doll GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

Image found on several people’s Instagram accounts.

She’s SO pretty! I must have her! LOL. I better start saving . . .

So, what do you think? Are you going to buy Lea Clark when she comes out?



32 thoughts on “18″ GOTY Lea Clark — LEAKED

  1. Two words; I’m dead. LOL! Seriously, when I saw her and was sending the pics to my friend I just kept saying, “Oh my gosh!” And I probably said that for like 5 minutes straight. I think she is absolutely GORGEOUS! And Josefina face mold?! YES!!! That’s my absolute favorite mold! Dolls with that mold are always so photogenic :)
    I can’t wait to get her!! I knew she was going to kill me XD :D

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    • I know, she’s adorable! I’m glad she doesn’t have the classic mold; there are too many dolls with that one. But isn’t it sort of strange that Grace has the Josefina mold, and Lea has it too?

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        • American Girl totally needs to make another doll with the Sonali mold! That one is one of my favorites.

          Same here. Since I only have one doll with the Josefina mold, it doesn’t really bother me either. :)

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          • YES! I LOVE the Sonali mold! It’s so cute and pretty!! I wish I could get Sonali herself, but she’s so expensive… I wouldn’t pay more than like $200 or so for a doll :P
            Hehe, yeah, I don’t think I have a lot with the Josefina mold either… Or do I? It’s hard to remember what dolls I have at times LOL! Well, that’s what “Meet My Dolls” pages are for! ;D


  2. I’ve seen this leak before on youtube on one of agsmiless videos. I think she’s pretty but the only thing is I don’t really know if Josefina’ face mold is my favourite on that doll.


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    • I know! Lea is SO pretty.

      That is one of the worst things about being an AG fan. I had to pick between Maryellen and Nevaeh back in October. :P

      Maybe it’ll end when you’re a best seller, and you’re so rich that you can buy every AG doll you ever wanted!


      • Yeah, I had to pick between getting two dolls that wold retire shortly and getting one doll and going to the AGP in 2013. It was hard to choose, but I am very glad I have both Emelie and Jasmine.

        Perhaps it shall! LOL! :) AG, you shall not leave me without all the dolls I want for long! MUST GET LEA! And ever other doll I want… *whimpers* Decisions, decisions.

        Gah, I already am planning her personality! She’ll love to travel, and is always full of exciting stories. She tends to over dramatize and exaggerate, which gets her into trouble a lot… Doesn’t always think before doing things, but always has something positive to say. But, wait, Chloe is a lot like that, too… Guess I have more planning-of-personalities to do.

        Oh, yeah, and she loves doing her hair. XD.

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  4. My daughter is going to be getting her. She’s Giving away an OG doll so she could get another AG doll. I think she’s beautiful too. My daughter is four…She likes to hold Grace and carry her around. We even built her a bakery out of old book shelves. She’ll get Graces bakery in 2 years. All her fave dolls are dressed up setting on couch watching a movie. We got her a camera to take pics of her dolls and staging them. Lea will come and live with us.


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